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October 25, 2021 1:50 PM
Terri Hennessey

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ, I just want to share a little bit of info regarding this word from ABBA Father…

As I woke this morning, not when the Lord asked me to wake, but as a result of deciding to sleep in a little later than He was calling me, I woke up not in a very good mood. I prayed a few prayers and then decided to get up and start my day. As a result, my mood became worse and worse and of course a grey cloud followed me around. From hitting the most fragile part of my ankle and crying out in pain, to a huge mess of feathers floating in the air, causing me a lot of extra work in cleaning, the anguish in me grew. Then I heard a word from the Lord from someone on YouTube and He was reminding us of our need to be obedient. After repenting, many tears and then finally entering into worship, I felt myself being lifted up out of the mire and warm light replacing my grey cloud, I could see myself (in the spirit) kneeling very low before Him in His Throne Room. I was so tiny, He was so Big. Like the difference between the size of an ant compared to a human being. No doubt this was meant to humble my heart. After coming out of worship, ABBA gave me the following message…

Daughter write My words,

Do you see how this time spent with Me lifts you up? Worship is not just about glorifying your God, but it is also about bringing you higher, into a realm where there is no pain, no anguish, no enemy to defeat you. It is also meant to fill your heart with pure joy, and your heart, through worship, feels what your hearts were created to feel, which is love. My worship is meant for us together, for it is meant to bring My children closer to Me, that we commune together in this place. It gives you a renewing of your spirit from all the enemy has depleted and is a necessary step in strengthening your resolve. The more you worship, the less the enemy can deplete from you, thus the stronger you become. This is why it’s so important to start your day with Me in worship, so you can be strong throughout your day. Throughout the day, with every wrong the enemy puts in your path, it begins to weaken you and by bedtime you are depleted once again, but, by not coming to Me in worship first thing in the morning, you are feeling defeated almost immediately and thus you have no strength to endure the hardships satan throws at you and as such, you fall much easier, much sooner. I AM for you My Bride. It is not just about glorifying Me, I AM does all for the good of those who love Me. All I ask you to be obedient in, is not just for the sake of being obedient. On the contrary, it is all meant to bring you to the victory; to the finish line of this incredible race and journey. This: what I ask is just as much for your benefit as for Mine. Go now with My blessing of peace, strength, resolve, and persevere in all I ask of you, for it is for you as much as it is for Me. I love you My Bride; to everlasting and eternity.

Your loving Papa,
ABBA Father

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