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Wormwood – End Times Prophet


05/10/2020 7:59 PM
End Times Prophet

Inspired by the Holy Spirit of the Most High God.

March 10, 2019

Behold, the great fiery star which is fallen to the earth. Yea, behold this destroyer which hath many names, and cometh to destroy. And how men say; now the end hath come. And woe unto us, for we have seen the beginnings of sorrows and have not believed. And have heard the words of the prophet and believed not.

And now is the dragon come in unto you. And taketh authority of the whole earth. And maketh his war against thee. And ye shall be greatly afflicted. And then shall ya mourn, for the Lamb which was slain. And then shall ye cry out unto the Lord.

Get ye therefore into the wilderness. And I shall feed thee. And I shall lead thee unto fountains of waters. That ye should not hunger or thirst. And I shall renew thy strength. That ye should not be weary. And neither any more shall you dwell amongst them who have worshipped after the beast. And who are murderers, and sorcerers, and fornicators, and thieves.

For I shall punish them with every manner of plague. And I will shut the windows of the Heavens, that there should be no rain upon the nations which gather themselves against the Holy City. And so shall thier sorrows be greatly increased.


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