“world wide life-altering events are close upon the horizon.” – Tori Hayes

Tori Hayes

December 18, 2018

Was just suddenly awakened out of my sleep & I immediately had this strong urge to pray & intercede for many places such as well known cities & unfamiliar territories & regions around the earth and then I heard in the spirit whilst praying, “world wide life-altering events are close upon the horizon.”

I also heard the spirit of the LORD say, “Don’t be caught unaware in this season.” “The time is now that you must prepare yourselves lest you be overcome by these things coming upon the earth. Get hid in CHRIST so fear want befall thee, he is our only refuge & place of safety.

I heard the spirit of the LORD speak again saying, “PRAY for America, for her day of reckoning soon comes.” Her enemies have plotted heavily against her & have surrounded her & they will close in upon her from all sides when she’s most vulnerable. Take heed lest you be caught unprepared & unaware says the LORD

People of GOD keep your unsaved loved ones before the LORD daily.. The LORD says these things must come to past suddenly b/c his plans are in perfect timing & his will is that not any perish but all come to repentance.

GOD’s will is FINAL so all we are to do is Watch, Pray, & Wait!

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