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World War and the End of the World – Anonymous

World War and the End of the World

June 2, 2020 6:15 PM


I would like to share a dream, and what made me contact 444 News to share it.

Like many, I have had a handful of dreams the Lord gave me over the years, but I have never shared them to a larger audience. Reading some of the comments here made me decide it was time to do it.

After withdrawing some money for a lawnmower, followed by running several purchasing errands, I came home to drop some things off today (June 2), and thought I’d better check if I still had enough money to buy the mower. I took all the cash out of my wallet and counted it.

It was $444.

Something inside me said, “Still think all of this is just a big coincidence?” (Other 444 things had been happening as well, but I really didn’t think it was of God. But this time was just uncanny. I counted the money twice.


So I got to your page to read and immediately I felt led to share a dream I had maybe 10-15 years ago. It was very serious, meaningful, a totally different feeling than an everyday dream. Some of you know what I mean. You wake up in awe, a combination of fear, wonder, and imminence. It WAS from the Lord.

Here is my dream:

I found myself standing on the top of a hill overlooking the areas all around me. There was a path going down the hill and into the valley, up the next hill and down again. It would off so far that I could not see the end.

But the strange thing was that all along this path there was a line of test-tube racks! Each rack held three test tubes. And for each rack, 2 of the 3 tubes were filled with a green essence, and the third was empty. And so these racks went on down the hill as far as the path went until I could no longer see them.

As I was pondering the meaning of these things, I noticed an angel standing not far from me, near to where the pathway began. I didn’t know what to say. I felt like Peter at the transfiguration. Here I was, ME of all people… the only one standing here with this clearly meaningful event occurring. The angel finally turned to me and said, “What are these things, and what is their meaning?”

Of course, I didn’t know anything. All I could manage to say was, “Sir, you know.”

The angel replied, “World War, and the end of the world.” Then I woke up. After weeks of praying about it the meaning was given to me. The test tubes represented the creation. Throughout the Book of Revelation, catastrophes occur where “one third of the trees were burned up,” or “one third of all the creatures in the sea were killed”. The empty test tube was a “lifeless” tube, being empty of life.

This was a visual way of presenting to me that one-third of living things would be destroyed, including people. And the fact that it went beyond where I could see spoke of the colossal scale of these events.

Oh, one last thing. I am a Chemist.



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