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World War 3, fighting started in Israel – Smilie Christie, Jr.

World War 3, fighting started in Israel

Smilie Christie, Jr.

I had a dream last night/ this morning February, 14 2018. In this dream my TV in my room came on by itself (although it wasn’t on) a picture came on it and I could see the map of the world and on that map I could see helicopters and airplanes fighting each other. I said in my spirit/mind they’re fighting all over the world. It looked like the fighting had started in Israel. Then I said to myself this screen is not large enough I need a larger screen and instantly I saw a screen to my right look like a large flat TV screen maybe 70 inch or so. Then I saw the map again but my son Stan was a little boy by five six years old in the dream but actually he’s a grown man now and he had start jumping in the bed with me but when he left the dream started again on the map I saw United States of America, South Carolina Georgia and Florida and I saw a submarine coming up out of the ocean attacking the USA right on the state line of Florida and Georgia and I said in my spirit this must be Kings Bay and then I woke up.
Your in Christ Jesus,

Smilie Christie, Jr.


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