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World Government Begins – Pastor Burl Norton


World Government Begins

November 28, 2020 12:55 PM
Pastor Burl Norton
The Fountain Church

The following is a dream that I received several years ago.  It was posted on-line shortly after.  I believe that this event is now eminent.

World Government Begins

          On the morning of December 31, 2008 I awoke, terrified, shaken and trembling at the dream I had just received.  I looked at my clock.  It was 1:30 a.m.

In the dream I was in a city, I am do not know what city but I remember that the weather was not cold nor particularly warm but rather it was a damp, cool, cloudy day.  Our government and constitution had been suspended and a one-world, highly authoritative, controlling government had taken over.  It had happened oh so swiftly, almost in only one day.

This new government was forcing everyone to accept their authority.  There was something each person had to do in order to pledge their acceptance.  I am not sure what it was you had to do in order to embrace this new system but I knew that once you did so, you could not turn back.  You were then a part of that system.  Those who had done so were somehow easily identifiable while those who had not were just as easily identified as being “non conformists”.

Those who did not at once approach the authorities and “pledge” their allegiance of this government were being systematically hunted down and taken into custody.  Your neighbors, friends—the common people were recruited to help find, arrest and guard those who refused.  They were more than glad to do so.  It seemed that once they had accepted this new system, their personalities had changed to the extent that they had no sense of mercy, remorse or compassion on those who refused this government.  They were complete, perfect puppets of this new system, obeying their decrees without question.

I refused to report to the authorities to formally accept this new government and was trying to evade them and make my way into the countryside where I believed I could hide more easily. Thousands of those recruited “common people” were seeking those of us who had not accepted this new government.  There was nowhere to run or hide.

I had fled to a small stadium where my wife had somehow found me.  I knew she had also not accepted this new government but I do not know why she was not being hunted down as I was.  It seemed that the only ones who were being sought out were men.  Perhaps they were doing this in stages, the men being first.  I asked her if there was anyplace where I could hide and avoid being arrested.  She sadly answered saying, “I do not believe you can”.  Even as she was speaking these words the stadium was completely saturated with these “neighbors”, blocking any and every exit.  They quickly searched every area of the stadium.  I knew there was no escape so I walked out into the open.  They knew immediately that I had not accepted this new government and I was quickly arrested.

I was taken to a holding area.  It seemed to be only a temporary facility that had been quickly secured for this purpose.  I am not sure if it had been a home or a smaller commercial building.  There were two larger rooms where I, along with perhaps a couple dozen other men, were detained.  I recognized a couple of my fellow prisoners but the rest were strangers.  Later that evening all but four or five of those prisoners were removed.  I think they were the ones who had agreed to accept this new government.  The rest of us remained here, being guarded by those “neighbors”.  We were shown a video of a woman who was commenting on all the “virtues” of this new system and how we should embrace it.  She was suggesting that to receive this government was the good, moral and sensible thing to do.  She was the “Tokyo Rose” of this new government.

I remember thinking if I could have only gotten into the country, I might have been able to evade the authorities but this had all happened so quickly that I had not gotten the opportunity to do so.  I also remember thinking perhaps this was only a nightmare—a bad dream and that I would awaken from but, deep inside, I knew this was no dream—it was reality of which there was no escape.  There was no hope, only total despair.

One of the other prisoners (a well-known celebrity which I could name but do not feel the Lord would have me do so at this time) was one of the four or five prisoners remaining.  He accidentally found a hidden door in the room which no one, including the “neighbor” guards knew existed.  When he opened it, I ran to it, hoping to escape but immediately an alarm was sounded and the guards ran into the room, preventing any possibility of escape.  The guards were extremely angry with us.  One of them came to me with a small device which he placed on my throat at my Adam’s apple.  Immediately some sort of probe was plunged into my throat piercing the flesh and it was locked into place, preventing me from removing it.  This device somehow prevented me from speaking.  Angrily the guard informed me that since I was a dangerous troublemaker, I would wear this device until I accepted this new government.  It was painful; not an acute, overwhelming pain; but rather a constant, dull ache.

I thought of my wife, wondering where she was, what was happening to her and if she knew what was happening to me.   I think I knew I would never see her again in this life.   I marveled at how quickly this new government had taken control and how completely the people had embraced it with such hearty enthusiasm.   I paced the floor of our prison, crying out to God, praying that He would take me home to be with Him.   I knew that was the only way I would ever leave this prison.   It was then that I awoke.

Pastor Burl Norton
The Fountain Church


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