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World Fair Trickery and The Upcoming Global Massacre – Michelle Katherine Orts


World Fair Trickery and The Upcoming Global Massacre

October 11, 2021 7:53 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Prophetic Dream 10:45PM CDT received Monday September, 6th 2021

I dreamed I could see the world’s population all at once and I could also hear and view the plans of The Anti-Christ and his Demonicly aligned earthly and Fallen Host Beast System Army.

I saw a global plan of trickery. A grand scheme that appeared to be splendidly fun and was advertised as exciting for the entire family. Everyone could attend but they must first receive their mRNA COVID (and mRNA Flu et al.) vaccines, a certain number of required shots, they must all comply with their booster jabs and all ages, all families must be injected in order to go to The World’s Fair.

Lucifer’s Name is in the shot: Luciferase and Luciferin. The number of The Anti-Christ’s name is also in the mRNA Fallen Angel shots. The Patent Number: 060606

In my dream noone knew what The Enemy of God knew. In general, NO MAN knew The Truth or The Grand Schemes of The Enemy, apart from God’s Prophets and those Saints who directly heard The Voice of The Lord by spending time in prayer with Father God through Jesus Mediation and Jesus’ Holy Spirit’s Power and Intercession.

Relevant Scripture:

“If it were possible even the elect of God would be deceived!”

Holy Spirit led insight:

Satan and his Fallen Angels and those who were possessed by demons are about to go on a global rampage against all humans created in The Image of Creator God, which means all humans.

Demons are the leftover spirits from the deceased offspring of The Fallen Angels. The inter-dimensional demonic creatures are the lost, angry and violent spirits of The Blood Thirsty Nephilim. These are Satan’s Seed derived from The Fallen Angels who bore these Nephilim Giants, the Earth Born man eating cannabilistic progeny by mingling (mixing their Fallen Angel DNA) with human women. Many or all of their body less Satanic soul less children survived the flood, at least the bible states their demonic spirits did.

The Bible states that the actual, original Fallen Angels, are still here. They are Immortal, Created by Creator God, Creatures who will one day suffer the Eternal Wrath and Punishment of Almighty God, King Jesus The Word made flesh. The Rebellious Immortal Fallen Angels will be thrown into the Lake of Fire Forever along with Satan and all of his demon seed children. Unfortunately, many humans who have not chosen Jesus as their Lord and Savior and who have chosen to worship the Beast’s Image, The Beasts number and/or the Beasts name and who took The Mark of The Beast, will also be thrown into Hell and subsequently into the Lake of Fire alongside the Satanic Rebellious Ones. There is no repentance sufficient once one takes the actual Mark of The Beast denying Jesus as God and sins against Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Sinning against Jesus’ Holy Spirit is the ONLY UNFORGIVABLE SIN FOR ALL ETERNITY!

The mRNA shots will soon become the actual Mark of The Beast. Do not take them. If you have already taken one, do not take another. The more you take, the more vulnerable you will become to taking the actual Mark of The Beast.

Enoch speaks quite a bit about the Fallen Angels in the Book of Enoch which Jesus quotes in the Book of Jude. Some people even now speculate the Fallen Angels live underground in chains in Antarctica by the Order of Creator God. Some say that past and current: Heads of State, Presidents, Diplomats and even the Pope have paid:physical visits to and have given their allegiance to The Fallen Ones.

The Bible prophesies in the Book of Revelation that there will sometime soon, in our current generation’s future, be a short time that these demonic hordes (locusts) will be allowed out of their underground abyss to torment those who willingly and knowingly worship Satan The Beast and who take The Mark of The Beast.

There are many human co-conspirators of The Fallen Angels, Chief among them is Satan who is now fully possessing The Anti-Christ Barack Hussein Obama and his side kick The False Prophet, The Black Pope and The Last Prophesied Pope, the current Pope Francis. Pope Francis is The 112th Pope who was prophesied to be The Last Pope of all time by The Prophet Saint Malachy.

There are more who are treasonous towards Creator God and who desire to harm and to destroy all of God’s Children than those who are faithful in The Body of Christ Jesus who are now called The Endtime Remnant Warrior Bride of Yeshua ha Mashiach, those who are Faithful to Creator God The Logos, The Word.

We who love and obey Father God and who have not denied Jesus as Lord God in the flesh, we who refuse to willingly or knowingly take The Anti-Christ’s Mark, The Mark of The Beast, we will be persecuted. Some of us will be martyred and some of us will die of other natural or unnatural causes but we will immediately enter into The Presence of The Lord being reassured now by The Power of The Cleansing Blood of Jesus which washes us clean of all sin and which raises us from The Dead.

Jesus’ Redeeming Blood allows us to conquer the power of hell and death. The Lamb of God slain before The Foundations of The World which He Himself created paid our sin debt in advance. All of us have sinned none of us are Righteous on our own. The Only One that can purify us to be able to be allowed in Father God’s Presence or to be Holy enough to enter Heaven, is Jesus. By Jesus’ Holy, Sinless and Perfect Blood we gain access Forever to be God’s Children and Jesus’ Spiritual, Eternal and Holy Bride.

Beware of the Enemy’s Lies, beware of The False Prophets of Baal. The Anti-Christ Spirit Stronghold of Baal uses people, systems, governments and corporations. In general, do not trust local, national or global corporate media, big tech, big pharma, big government, big monies or big, self aggrandizing, mouths!

We must all stay true to Jesus! We must not deny Jesus before men and Jesus will not deny us before His Father Who is also Our Father by Adoption!
No matter what the cost, and for some of us it may cost us everything, we must NEVER deny Jesus and NEVER take The Mark of The Beast or worship the number, the name or the image of The Beast. Stay strong in The Power and The Might of Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Jesus loves you and so do I. In Jesus’ Mighty Names above all names.Amen.-

Mrs.Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to husband Reverend David Orts

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