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April 30, 2022 4:21 AM
Handmaid of the Most High
Revelation 6:12 KJV
And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;

Children, the signs are pointing to the end but so many are sitting on their sofa couch surfing looking for the next big game, heavy weight contender, soccer star that they have no idea what is around the corner!

It is the END! Yes, those who say it will happen sometime in the future, while they watch the next disaster movie and think that it is some fun event, an adventure, that lasts for 90 minutes are so deluded that to shake them and tell them it is in unfolding now would be a “buzz killer”.

You have no more time. You have been told in signs and symbols by both me and your enemies. They think you are foolish because they have clearly shown through their political actions, their speeches and their wars what they intend to do to you! Yet, it is going to happen some where else {in the world}!

NO IT IS NOT! You will be a witness to great and mighty devastation which is begun and you remain totally deceived about it.

How can I say this, so you will break free from their plans?

You fail to repent.

You fail to pray.

You fail to prepare for the increased submission and decline in your movements and choices.

You can not avoid what comes next. Regardless of what you believe about the rapture and its timing, things are getting much worse! Famine, war, disasters, imprisonment, job loss, home loss, relationship loss is all around the corner, if it does not directly impact you, it will impact people you know, people you love.

How can you sit by and wait?

Repent. Pray. Time is short! Seek Me! Know Me!

Prepare your heart!



~Handmaid of the Most High~

P.S. The Lord moved me to write this as He has been speaking to me about the Satanic Holiday that culminates today and tomorrow known as Beltane (witches) and Warpurgis(a Catholic feast day celebrating a saint, who they believe protects them from witchcraft, whooping cough and house pests), seriously talk about praying to false gods! Activities began April 21 (some groups start as early as April 16 and even earlier) and culminate tonight with animal or human sacrifice as this is the greatest Witches Sabbath of the year (equivalent to Satanists’ Halloween, if you will). Most satanists do practice this “holly day” as well. The festivities continue through May 1, which is the day Communists celebrate. I have always noticed a strong spiritual warfare attacks during this time (April 21, 2019 the first time, satan broke my arm, 40 minutes after completing a prophecy posted here). I’ve lost animals and friends on this day to these practioners!

I had asked Him earlier and throughout the month about posting a warning to pray but got no response. Frankly, I don’t know if even most people care anymore. I’ve noticed more and more people are become so self-absorbed that anything that doesn’t impact them personally is perceived insignificant and forgotten within minutes of learning about injustices and evil. They don’t want to know, they don’t care to know. I have seen this evidenced in my own postings. If I post a prophecy about a specific area in the world (primarily Indonesia or even a U.S. city) the number of views are extremely less (about half). The irony being that some of these warnings will also include a warning that similar events will impact regions elsewhere.

So, I was rather surprised, that the Father tells me at 2:00AM April 30 to post this. It is relevant to each and every human. Whether you care or not.

As I was reading about the huge swarm of earthquakes in late 2020 in Antartica that lasted 3 months with a total of 85,000 earthquakes. That isn’t a typo, I checked! Eighty five THOUSAND! How many news reports, newspaper stories, magazine articles (not including scientific) or other publications mentioned this? I vaguely remember when this happened myself and I review world news more than 95% of people I come across.

Read the book of Matthew, this isn’t something insignificant. Huge changes in the tectonic plates were noticed in 2018 in this region and more expected. The scientists know big changes will occur.

Today there is a solar eclipse and “rare” black moon occuring at the same time near Antartica 2:45-6:30 PM EST off the coast. Which will be viewable in S. America, which occurs infrequently. Meanwhile, a volcano in Antartica is awakening! Read the past nine months of the warnings from the Lord about volcanoes and the Ring of Fire, I’ve received. Likewise, the solar flares from the sun create all sorts of earth changes. These things are all connected!! RED ALERT!

In the world of the occult, they take such events very seriously PARTICULARLY sun activity. when it coincides with their rituals involving sacrifices, they believe their power increases (anyone keeping up with the activities at CERN??) . Do some research they have increased the power incredibly beyond what was once thought possible.

Occultists do some very specific things to show their devotion to evil, which may include greater amounts of torture and sexual assault (and perversions) to the victim before sacrifice. Children growing up in this lifestyle are forced to watch this inhumane behavior and it is confusing and traumatic to young minds. Many children will also be abused and their pets sacrificed (and some times they are forced in participating and then eating their pet). These are not acts of “sane” people!

Most reading this will not be moved. That saddens me and even causes me despair. They may shake their head and that’s it. I hope you are not one of those people.

I hope you decide to fast a meal or even the day and pray for the lost. Ask the Lord to show up in these rituals! Ask the angels of the Lord to put the fear of God into those evil people. To pierce their hearts with the horror of what they are doing. Pray for all the curses they place on their enemies (primarily pastors, Christians and those who seek to expose them be broken and of no effect) because they do want them silenced through death. Pray for those who stand in the gap, who bring you the word of truth, who spend time before the Lord and are used as His Mouthpiece.

Pray against the lies of the false prophets, who continue to tell you that things are going to get better, you will become wealthy and do great and mighty things, there is NO SCRIPTURE supporting this! Stop being sucked in by their sweet words. If they can only find a sentence out of context that has nothing to do with the end days, then run! These liars will go to the lack of fire! Do not allow their false promises influence your decisions. Take every word to the Holy Spirit. You have been trained to see the truth from the lies so why are so many among you still seeking these practioners of evil?

This isn’t something you only read in books or see on your television! Rosemary’s Baby wasn’t a joke. My conception and birth was very similar. This isn’t something you gossip about when you get your coffee at work! This is evil at its most insidious.

*I have been told, that some significant event is happening May 2nd. I ask all to pray that the evil planned will not have the power or influence that is planned!

Realize too, that we will all be asked what we did about evil when we stand before the Lord. We will all be called to give in account. When you laugh or disregard evil or worse view it as entertainment, you are part of the problem. Some will balk at this. That saddens me greatly because I have heard some ugly things said when people dispute that they have responsibility for what happens in the world. It is clear in the word, so I see no reason to argue.

We can make a difference, prayer does matter, the enemy tries to minimize it but Jesus said different. Speak out, share with others and most importantly ask the Lord to change the situation.

I love you brothers and sisters. I don’t share this to bring shame but repentance and action. I share this because I am told to do so, by the Holy Spirit. I choose to be obedient because I do not want any to have blood on their hands.

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