Words of Heartfelt Instruction – Judy Reynolds

Words of Heartfelt Instruction

Nov 7, 2019, 11:39 PM
Judy Reynolds

Important Word given on 11/4
Judy Reynolds

My Children, Precious Children,
Know first, and pause right now, that I LOVE YOU! Such a GREAT and EFFECTIVE Love I have for you.

The reeds and the bulrush’s are in effect , read and study of them.

( I have scriptures below to study of them)

MY Hope WILL sustain you now! Only I ALONE can work in your whole being to sustain, and carry you to the finish line, which is fastly approaching, though your flesh lies to you continually; do not worry; I have seen this and knew it would be so.

Let the mockers continue to mock, pay them no heed or your precious time, did I not say “Do not throw your pearls before the swine.” I AM WITH YOU, I AM IN YOU! We are becoming ONE! What a GLORIOUS mystery.

Revealed to MINE own, gradually, yes! I know thy thoughts at this time, the fight to have continuous clear thoughts spiritually as the Spirit and flesh, and world and unknown are mingling, overlapping; dubious. (Dubious means doubtful, uncertain, of two minds)

Mine arms are around you now like a mother his child. I CANNOT FAIL, I repeat, I CANNOT FAIL!

Do not worry about so many things now-NARROW your tasks to the simple now.

Work, eat, sleep, pray, worship, repent, war. Make way for the simple, eliminate all things that weigh you down now.

THERE IS NOT TIME LEFT for these things, they don’t matter. COME TO ME, each of you and I WILL show you each what you must shed and rid yourselves of.

The king will be killed shortly now, all havoc shall be created, and suited up for this time in history. DO NOT DOUBT THIS!

I AM COMING, at the exact appropriate time for My people, and first, My Holy and Beautiful Bride.

Suffering will ensue now, be prepared for your flesh to suffer, I know what each of you needs, I AM the husband!

No more than is necessary for each, for the MIRACLE and GLORY warrant this.

My hand is upon you! My heart is with you! My Spirit is in you! My Love goeth always with you! My Glory is upon you!


Run the race set before you, not looking back AT ALL!

I will hear your prayers, and answer your cries with My PRESENCE, and your needs with My miracles.

Hold fast now, Hold fast My precious children-
The “games” are over now, REAL LIFE begins on earth as it is already been in Heaven.

I know you loves, each one, so intricately! NEVER forget this.

I want to tell you something, Yes, you will go through, and be in shock for a time yet it will be short compare to others; for my Spirit will ease this and stop it for you to be able to RUN THE RACE BEFORE YOU!

All MY Love, Grace, Truth, and Power,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Word was finished at 11:13 am.

Brothers and Sisters, I was so shocked at what the Lord said, and He was kind to give me confirmations as I was not expecting this word, and do not ever want to put something out that our Savior did not say. Pray for confirmation.

He had a strong emphasis in His voice when He said “GO”, and such a tender emphasis in much of the message.

I studied the bulrush’s and the Reeds. Jesus was struck with the reeds before the cross after they put them in his hand.

Also, the vinegar was put on one to give Jesus to drink on the cross. Moses was sent in the little boat as a baby with the Reeds making up the boat. A reed is a also a measurement 6 cubits long.

Here are all the scriptures of confirmation, please read the whole chapters of Isaiah 5, Daniel 2, and Habakukb 3.

Also: Jeremiah 50:43 Psalm 112:7,Psalm 118:8, Matt 27:29.30.48. Exodus 2:3,5, Ezekiel 40:5. IIKings 18:21.

Bless you all,
Judy Reynolds

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