Words of Heartfelt Instruction – Judy Reynolds

Words of Heartfelt Instruction

Nov 7, 2019, 11:39 PM
Judy Reynolds

Important Word given on 11/4
Judy Reynolds

My Children, Precious Children,
Know first, and pause right now, that I LOVE YOU! Such a GREAT and EFFECTIVE Love I have for you.

The reeds and the bulrush’s are in effect , read and study of them.

( I have scriptures below to study of them)

MY Hope WILL sustain you now! Only I ALONE can work in your whole being to sustain, and carry you to the finish line, which is fastly approaching, though your flesh lies to you continually; do not worry; I have seen this and knew it would be so.

Let the mockers continue to mock, pay them no heed or your precious time, did I not say “Do not throw your pearls before the swine.” I AM WITH YOU, I AM IN YOU! We are becoming ONE! What a GLORIOUS mystery.

Revealed to MINE own, gradually, yes! I know thy thoughts at this time, the fight to have continuous clear thoughts spiritually as the Spirit and flesh, and world and unknown are mingling, overlapping; dubious. (Dubious means doubtful, uncertain, of two minds)

Mine arms are around you now like a mother his child. I CANNOT FAIL, I repeat, I CANNOT FAIL!

Do not worry about so many things now-NARROW your tasks to the simple now.

Work, eat, sleep, pray, worship, repent, war. Make way for the simple, eliminate all things that weigh you down now.

THERE IS NOT TIME LEFT for these things, they don’t matter. COME TO ME, each of you and I WILL show you each what you must shed and rid yourselves of.

The king will be killed shortly now, all havoc shall be created, and suited up for this time in history. DO NOT DOUBT THIS!

I AM COMING, at the exact appropriate time for My people, and first, My Holy and Beautiful Bride.

Suffering will ensue now, be prepared for your flesh to suffer, I know what each of you needs, I AM the husband!

No more than is necessary for each, for the MIRACLE and GLORY warrant this.

My hand is upon you! My heart is with you! My Spirit is in you! My Love goeth always with you! My Glory is upon you!


Run the race set before you, not looking back AT ALL!

I will hear your prayers, and answer your cries with My PRESENCE, and your needs with My miracles.

Hold fast now, Hold fast My precious children-
The “games” are over now, REAL LIFE begins on earth as it is already been in Heaven.

I know you loves, each one, so intricately! NEVER forget this.

I want to tell you something, Yes, you will go through, and be in shock for a time yet it will be short compare to others; for my Spirit will ease this and stop it for you to be able to RUN THE RACE BEFORE YOU!

All MY Love, Grace, Truth, and Power,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Word was finished at 11:13 am.

Brothers and Sisters, I was so shocked at what the Lord said, and He was kind to give me confirmations as I was not expecting this word, and do not ever want to put something out that our Savior did not say. Pray for confirmation.

He had a strong emphasis in His voice when He said “GO”, and such a tender emphasis in much of the message.

I studied the bulrush’s and the Reeds. Jesus was struck with the reeds before the cross after they put them in his hand.

Also, the vinegar was put on one to give Jesus to drink on the cross. Moses was sent in the little boat as a baby with the Reeds making up the boat. A reed is a also a measurement 6 cubits long.

Here are all the scriptures of confirmation, please read the whole chapters of Isaiah 5, Daniel 2, and Habakukb 3.

Also: Jeremiah 50:43 Psalm 112:7,Psalm 118:8, Matt 27:29.30.48. Exodus 2:3,5, Ezekiel 40:5. IIKings 18:21.

Bless you all,
Judy Reynolds

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    AMOS 9:11 CONFIRMS THIS WORD! ISAIAH 55:11. Doubt and unbelief is a block to healing, sister! That is what the enemy is trying to entangle you with BUT YOU CAN CRY OUt ABBA FATHER and NOT BE ENTANGLED WITh THAT YOKE OF BONDAGE! DRAWING NEAR TO GOD, RESISTING THE DEVIL and HE MUST FLEE! JAMES 4:7-8
    3 JOHN 2, 1 THES. 5:23, PSALM 103:3, 1 PETER 2:24!!!!

  2. Katherine L Lehman

    Judy – Does the Lord speak to you in numbers? I noticed the time you received this message. He has taught me 11 speaks of transition, and 13 is usually rebellion. And both 11 and 13 can speak of chaos.

  3. What a pleasant surprise to find confirmation here about Jesus’ return. So many wonder what is this they hear from one post to another of His multiple comings? Take note of the line- “I AM COMING, at the exact appropriate time for My people, and first, My Holy and Beautiful Bride.” Here, He splits up these events to include FIRST, the Bride, & then the Church Body, TWO completely different groups. Those who are part of the Bride company will usually know ahead of time, individually, who they are. But the idea of multiple returns are not always made apparent in the same Word post. Some Brethren also have revelation of a ‘catching away’ of the young & innocent children too. I am aware of other ‘2nd Coming’ events that extend out to the end of people left on the earth, & up until the final battle. For those who find themselves still alive on the face of the earth in the very end days, it is never too late to repent. In addition, about 9 years ago Jesus showed me how He can make His ‘2nd Coming’ a very personal experience for anyone of His choosing. I was given a wide-awake living experience/vision in which I supernaturally literally experienced the beginning few milli-seconds of His Coming for me. As I stared out my actual bedroom window up at a bright star next to the full moon, suddenly a beam of very intense light shined down on & all around me in a circle, and on nothing else in my house. I was given to experience time in milli-seconds, & thought to myself- “if the intensity of this light continues for more than another few split-seconds, every cell in my body will be translated!” And as suddenly as it started, it stopped. The Lord then confirmed this experience to an apostle/prophet who said she knew that The Lord had shown me a glimpse of His 2nd Coming for the Bride. rick

  4. Katherine Lehman

    Very true, Rick. If people would only Read and Study the Word it’s quite clear. But most church goers have been so conditioned, if you try to talk about this they look respond as if you’re trying to deceive them.

  5. Katherine L Lehman

    Judy…taking your instruction to watch the reeds and bulrushes, I entered both words into Strong’s so I could study their meanings…and was given many different scriptures. Did you use a different bible version? Thanks.

  6. Thank you, Katherine! It’s such a pleasure to occasionally run across another like-minded Christian who truly understands these things. Thank you for your reply that touched home-base with me! To further confirm what you said (in a comment I don’t see here?) I wanted to share with you what the Lord told me about this. There are so many brethren who don’t see eye-to-eye on so many things, who are leaving comments at these Word sites, that at first I set out to try to correct that, but the Lord said to let it go for now, that later they will see the truth & the error of their ways more clearly. When He first sent me to a certain ‘end-times’ Word site of deeper revelation to learn from in my own spiritual walk, due to my calling, (which is a very unusual one that He told me not to tell about because they won’t believe it) He said He gave me ‘spiritual wisdom’ so that I could understand the deeper Words posted there. Almost every person I’ve ever sent there to study the Word came back with comments of unbelief! And so I came to ‘see’ that the difference sometimes is that most Christians don’t yet have any spiritual wisdom, tho they may be considered wise in worldly matters, but it is 2 completely different gifts. You cannot assimilate the things of the deeper spiritual realms without certain of God’s gifts. It’s the same as saying – “you don’t feed a baby steak.“ I can’t tell you how many times modern brethren have called me blasphemous for the testimonies I shared, & I share nothing that is not found directly in the Word of God, or that I know by first-hand experience, or sometimes thru an anointed apostle/prophet who moves with the holy Spirit.
    I also wanted to share with you that in this one revelation Word site that I’m familiar with, the numbers ‘1’, or ‘111’, etc, were used in connection with that one particular ministry as ‘marker numbers’ by the devil, (which matches/confirms your info on how they apply). In this one ministry, the devil would mark everything he had anything to do with, (bad stuff) with the numbers of ’11’, & so on. He also did the same thing with the numbers 6 & 9, using nines as upside-down 6’s, to make ‘666’ markings as much as possible. You can also watch for dates that have these numbers within them, or doubled up within them, (such as 22 as 2- 11‘s) or (18 as 3-6’s, etc) to expect or ‘estimate’ a day of judgment or destruction coming, where the devil has his hand directly in it. We call those days, “high devil days” or in short, a day he would most likely move to do something terrible. And you were also perfectly right with the number 13, from my own experience, that it represents rebellion & is directly associated with the fallen angels who call themselves gods, who were in rebellion to our Creator. In closing, I must also acknowledge the recent Word of only a few days ago that basically said, “God is not a God of numbers”. But it also seems like the devil will do almost nothing until the numbers reflects his magic number potions… Remember the hit song- “Love Potion No. 9”? God bless. rick

  7. Katherine L Lehman

    Rick: Not to complicate matters unnecessarily … I have found that at least some numbers have a dual meaning: one dark, and one light. I learned this from one of Henry Gruver’s experiences…
    While in Israel, sitting on a park bench, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi … possibly Hasidic … who would normally not speak to a Gentile … had heard Henry talking to another person about a recent ministry trip. During Henry’s prayer during a meeting gold dust had begun falling all over the sanctuary. Literally, not in the Spirit.
    This rabbi got really excited and began talking to Henry very excitedly, telling him that sign, in his culture, was an important marker that Messiah was soon coming. As they were talking Henry mentioned his 13 children. The rabbi told him the number 13 means Henry was empowered for spiritual warfare, as his quiver was full.
    The Lord has been speaking to me in numbers for a few years now. Primarily 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, and 1111. Dr Patricia Green has a very pertinent YT on these prophetic numbers. Jodie Hughes, another prophetess who lives in AU (Pour it out Ministry) has also written on these numbers.

  8. Thanks again, Katherine, for your comment on numbers in the land of Israel. I wanted to further comment with you that it has also been my experience so far, that there is no particular ‘bad thing’ about the number 13 in the prophetic realm, as there is a dread about the occult suspicions of that number in the world. And numbers can & do have very positive meanings that we learn about from time to time, usually thru a Word of the Lord. One of my favorite meanings to the term- ‘Baker’s dozen’ is, of course, 13 cookies! Thanks. rick

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