Words of Fire – U B READY

Words of Fire

September 15, 2022 11:07 PM
U B Ready


Jeremiah 5:14
Wherefore thus saith the LORD God of hosts, Because ye speak this word, behold, I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them.

My son, the day is fast approaching where WORDS OF FIRE will proceed from the mouths of My Remnant.  I will place My words in their mouths, and all that hear these words, their hearts will burn, and many, I say, many will come unto Me.

I say, you may feel and say to yourself, I am but a child!  How can I speak these words?  But I say unto you, you are no child!  You are a warrior of the Most High God, and the words you speak will be as a kiln – blown by the breath of My Holy Spirit!  A FIRE SO HOT it will melt the hearts of the ICE COLD church!

My son, My Remnant are anxious and raring to go, but be patient, My children, the time is not yet.  For first must come My GREAT SHAKING.  I have shown you all the GREAT SHAKING with the DIVIDING OF THE LAND.  My DIVIDING is happening now — the people, the government, the church, the sheep, and THEN THE LAND.

Oh, foolish children, I came to DIVIDE.  Have you not read My Word?  As this nation sinks lower into the abyss of sin, I will continue to separate those who hear My voice from those who do not, yet they say they do.

My son, there are many false prophets and many anti-Christs in the world.  They are all promoting the global harmony and one world religion.  I said it will be this way just before I return, and I AM COMING SOON — JUST BE READY!

I cry out to the lost, REPENT!  Come unto Me with your burdens.  I AM just and quick to forgive.  I will cleanse your sins and make you whiter than snow.  Pick up your cross and follow Me.  You may not have another chance to accept Me into your heart as no one is promised the next breath.

I love all My children.  Reach the lost as much as you can, for time is nano-seconds short.  I AM COMING SOON — do not be LULLED TO SLEEP by the world.  Seek Me with all your heart.  Pray and talk to Me daily – I hear you.
Lord Jesus


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