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Words of Encouragement – Brother Moses

Words of Encouragement

April 9, 2022 2:19 AM
Brother Moses
For the Lord your God is with you where ever you go.Joshua 1:9

April 9,2022

Words from the Lord.

My son, I have new words of encouragement for my children. I am a God that is Faithful and true. I am a God that can be trusted. All my ways are always perfect. Every one that comes to me I will never cast away. I am a loving and caring Father who seeks for the good welfare of all my children. I am always with my children even in their darkest moment. I have never forsaken any of my children. When they are being compassed about with many troubles, I am always there to deliever them from all their troubles, pains, trials and temptations. Even when they are made think and believe that i am not with them by my enemy. I am ever close to them. I will never forsake those that are called by my name, for they are mine. My child, I stick more closer to you than your best friend, for i am your Father and knows about your future. Many of my children are leaving in fear of the unknown future. Fear not my children for your future are in my hand and I knows the end from the begining. My plans for you is always fufilled in hope. Every thing you have or will ever recieve in these life comes from me, for I am your provider and I meets all your needs. Trust in me with all your heart and I will grant you the desires of your heart which are in my will, for I know those things that are good, profitable and best for you. Do not trust in the world for saftey or protection, but only trust in me, for the world which is daily sinking into deep darkness cannot protect you from the hand of your enemy even for a moment. As you walk through the wilderness of this dark world to the celestial city your heavenly home, have these in mind that I am always with you to guide you in all your ways. When you are sleeping I am with you. When you wake up My presense is ever with you to keep you from the reach of my enemy who is always looking for a way to destroy your life. My children, abide in me always by spending quailty time in my presense for that is where I transforms your life, making it to be fully comformed to My image and likeness. Read and study My word daily, for in the pages of My word you recieves daily spiritual refreshment and cleansing. I love to hear your sweet voice in the place of prayer. My children, seek me daily in an intimate relationship, for that is where My presense is being made manifest in your life. The more time you spend with me the more My presense increases in you life. I knows every parts of your life and I want to be part of your daily activities. Put Me first in everything you are doing and it will always prosper. Amen


Coordinating Scriptures.

Psalm 125:1-2
Isaiah 41:10
Isaiah 43:1-2
Psalm 34:7
John 6:37
Hebrews 13:5
Ephesians 5:26
Song of Solomon 2:4,14.
Brother Moses.

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