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Words of Comfort – Brother Moses

Words of Comfort

April 13, 2022 3:29 AM
Brother Moses
I am He who comfort you-Isaiah 51:12

April 13, 2022

Word from the Lord

My son,write down these words.
I the Lord knows about all the pains, afflictions, and sorrows that all my children are experiencing in this life. I see how many of them are being afflicted. Today I bring words of comfort to you. My child I am the Lord who comforts you in all your tribulations. I am the great comforter and have never leave any one that calls upon my name daily comfortless. I see how the world are causing you pains.I knows all that you are passing through under the hand of your family members. How they maltreats you, mocks at you, deprives you of your right and calls you different types of names because you want to do my will, just because you want to be different and separated from the world.

Even those you think they belong to me and should be a source of comfort to you also disappoints you and causes you pain. My child do not hold bitterness against any one. Always forgive all in My name not minding the pains they are causing to you, for I am with you to comfort your heart, even when you are being tormented by sickness and I will surely heal you of all your diseases and afflictions, Only have fath in Me. The world cannot give you comfort or any consolation. Do not trust in the people of the world for comfort. A world that is dark and evil will only bring confusions, bitterness, hopelessness, disappointment and sorrows in your heart. True and lasting comfort only comes from Me. Do not be grieved when the world around you hates you, which include your family members and relatives for as I am so are you in this world. Since the world hate me they will also hate you for the servant is not greater than his master. In the world you will always have tribulation, but always rejoice in them knowing that I have overcomed the world. My victory is your victory also. My child, know these that sufferings and afflictions helps to refine you and builds strong faith in you. The pains that you are going through now will not last forever. It is only but for a short time and all of them will disappear never to be seen again in your life. In My kingdom you will become like Me, having the same body that I have, an incorruptable and glorified body. My child all your tears are presious to me and no drop of your tears have ever being lost, for my angels gathers your tears and puts them in golden bottles placing them before me in remembrance. I will one day wipe all your tears away with my handkerchief of gold and their will be no more pains, sickness, death, hunger nor sorrow. I your Lord will lead you to fountains of living waters and will satisfy your soul with the glorious fruits of paradise and the wonderful meals that your tongue have never tasted in this life. My kingdom is full of great presaures and suprises. My child a minute in My kingdom will make you to forget all the pains you have ever experienced in this life. I hears all your prayers and will answer all your prayers that are according to my will for your life in My own time, for I the Lord knows what is good, profitable and best for you. The reason why I delays in bringing answer to several of your heartfelt prayers is in other to build patience and strong faith in you. Only those with patience and strong faith will be able to stand strong in the raging storm blowing on in this world which is about to get more fierce. Spend quality time in My WORD. In the reading and study of my word you recieves DIVINE CONSOLATION.IN MY PRESENSE IS FULLNESS OF JOY.


Coordinating Scriptures

Isaiah 40:1-2
1Corinthians 1:3-5
Psalm 94:19
Isaiah 63:9
Psalm 56:8
Psalm 119:50
Mathew 5:4
John 16:7,33
Revelation 7:16-17
Revelation 21:4.

My comforter, Jesus is my comforter, Jesus is my comforter. I am not alone.

Brother Moses.

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