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Words Given 2016-2020 – Chris


Words Given 2016-2020

November 19, 2020 11:15 PM
New Zealand

Hi there – in this very unusual year worldwide, I am making contact with you because of the profound Words which I have received over the last few years, and some from this year also.  I believe that Almighty God called me into a lowly and lonely place of repentance, humility and truth to receive His Words of great weight, which I have tried to faithfully transcribe.  Many of these portions are for us as Christians, and many are for Jewish people and the land of Israel which I personally know very little about.  I humbly submit these writings to you, trusting that you will give the LORD’s Words honour and respect in their consideration.  Wise and learned counsel is sought as to their meaning/application in these times, although much of it all seems fairly clear!  However, even if not choosing to forward the Words to scholars of the Bible and God-given prophecy, or debating them at all amongst your community, I trust the Words will at least be kept safe for a future time when they may perhaps be considered of importance in the world.  Thank you so much for what you are doing within the Body of Christ to promote His Kingdom, bringing in and preparing saints for their eternal home.  May His Kingdom come and may His Will be done.

With many thanks for your time and consideration.

Chris, your fellow servant in the Body, from NZ.

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