Words from the Father and Son – Mike M.

Words from the Father and Son

August 31, 2019
Mike M.

Go ahead and be annoyed with one another. Just make sure to love one another. I was once an earthly brother so I understand.

I shake you now toward one another. I cause you to need one another. I am bringing you together-each to his or her fellowship that will be best suited for you.

I cause you situations to learn unity and long-suffering with one another. For how can you lead if not by example? I have called you; you have answered. Continue to answer when I call. For no man knows what a day may bring forth. For today, do what you can while there is light.

Nothing is more beautiful than brothers living in harmony with one another with no strife. Many of you moan and suffer by this present season of separation and wilderness experience. Have you counted the costs of you the lonely to be set into a family? Things will change. For then you will seek out a quiet place when you have had your fill.

The unity of the body in the expression of assembling yourselves together is my will and my word. And in this you have the responsibility for orderly worship for people to take their respective places of evangelist, teacher, pastor, prophet and apostle. The focus will no longer be just you but the body of Christ as a whole. I create a new church from the present day little stones that the present day apostate church builder rejected. It is time to assemble now as you have passed the test. To him who has and ear let him hear what the spirit says to the churches. I am no respecter of persons.

I call you out now from the electronic and cyber-ecclesia into the hiways and byways because the internet is corrupt now and full of demons. The time is now for a new season, for this new end times church who I assemble. I have heard your complaints of the present apostasy. I am not overwhelmed and off-kilter by your frustrations, anger and temporary loss of temper when calling out to me. For I know your frame and your journey. Remember the psalms of David, a man of great passion, frustrations, and anger who has gone before you. And surely I was long-suffering with him, knowing his ending from his beginning. So, too, do I know yours. Do you fear shocking me? do you fear overwhelming me? do you fear surprising me? Don’t, for I know you, your thoughts, the testimony of your faith, and the buffeting of your souls and bodies. It is only that you are the created and I am the creator.

Assemble yourselves now. Continue with me as you also seek to challenge your comfort zones of isolation. Remember my seasons. And for the formerly hidden, I still hide you in plain sight from evil men. My arm is not too short. Feel the warmth of my arm as I hold you and protect you form the onslaughts of the enemy. For your purposes will be established and fruitful, as written. So shall your ends be. But remember me. Remember, for the hopeful in Christ I am always a season of new beginnings taking you from glory to glory. So now go. This is your first paragraph of the next chapter for you. Walk it out. Go in faith. Leave your door frames covered. (I have to pray about what he meant here). I will show you great favor as you go. You will find other poor wanderers and your flame will be brighter together than separate. For you will gather souls. And I am in the midst of you.

Provide hospitality unto one another and in so doing please me and entertain angels. Sing together, pray together. see if there is any in need among you to be filled. For when one part suffers, we all suffer. Bear up with one another’s burdens and you will fulfill the law of Christ, which is to love the lord they God with all thy heart, mind, and soul, and to love thy neighbor as yourself.

You want my Kingdom come? My Kingdom starts within you. Share this and band together in your house churches and then in unity go on exploits, adding to your numbers. It is a harvest. First you learn to love and work together then you go out and others will see your love for one another and glorify my Father in heaven, and be added to you.

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  1. Tim


    Thank you for sharing your words from the Lord. Now, I will return the favor and point you in the direction in order to discern for yourself the meaning of the expression, “leave your door frames covered.”

    First, who is “the door”? Jesus answered this in John 10.

    Now, read about the Passover, starting with Exodus 12. What were the Israelites supposed to do with the door frames going into their houses? The Lord even spoke about the “lintel”, which is the upper crosspiece. Is Jesus not our covering, and did He not even say that He is the “capstone”?

    Exodus 12 also talks about the “two door posts” of the door frame. Read Zechariah 4, and then Revelation 11, and ask the Lord for discernment on whom the door posts represent.

    There are many more metaphors in Exodus 12, of which Jesus spoke. In fact, the entire Old Testament is in fact the building blocks of the teachings of Jesus regarding the Kingdom of God. But, in order to understand it properly, one MUST read it in the spirit, which is what Paul about in 1 Corinthians.

    We do ourselves a great disservice when we disregard the Old Testament, saying things like “it doesn’t apply, because Jesus fulfilled it all”. Since there was no “New Testament” when Jesus walked the Earth in the flesh, and Jesus repeatedly quoted from and referred to the Scriptures of the OLD Testament, don’t we think it wise to read from it also??? Just some food for thought.

    Thanks again for sharing, Mike!

    A brother in Christ,

  2. I live in a very small town and the Lord has called me to a ranch ministry here. For about 10 years, God has had it on my heart to unify the body of Christ here, but sadly I have seen division after division with even a small group of believers. The last one I had two sisters not only walk out but one of them wrote very damaging comments on face book to try and destroy my ministry because she was upset that I refused to throw a 19 year old young man, that the Lord has brought here to minister to, out of the ranch. ( My husband and I own the ranch) It is heart breaking to me and I am sure to God, to see the body of Christ judging each other and back biting each other. I so agree that God wants unity and to stop with the finger pointing and division, but also we need to love those who are seeking the truth, not judge them and push them out when we feel they are not good enough.

  3. Br Collins

    Amen.An uplifting word from the Lord. God bless u bro

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