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Words, dreams, vision – Nikki

Words, dreams, vision

Nov 19, 2020, 7:36 PM


My name is Nikki, and I have been led by the Lord to release some short words, dreams, and a vision that I have been recently given. I implore everyone to take these to Lord for confirmation. Please repent, and take heed because Yeshua Hamasiach, our Lord and Saviour is coming very soon.

9/7/20- I had a dream that I saw a small flower arrangement on a dressed table. In the dream I realized it was for a wedding. I then heard. “Are you ready, get ready.” I was woken up immediately after that.

9/14/20-was in deep sleep, then heard “Yellowstone is about to blow.” I was woken up immediately after that. * for about 2 years I have had dreams concerning Yellowstone erupting.

10/31/20-was in deep sleep and I heard loudly, ” It’s showtime!”. Woken up immediately afterwards.

11/9/20- was in deep sleep and I heard, ” Prepare your hearts NOW!”. I was woken up immediately afterwards. *I received confirmation on this the next day, bc Bette Steven’s posted a YouTube video on a word she received called Prepare your heart.

11/10/20-I had a dream of alot of chaos going on. Destruction and people chasing after each other. In the midst of all the chaos, there was a woman trying on a bridal gown. At first the gown didn’t seem to fit, but then it fit perfectly, and looked beautiful. End of dream.

11/15/20- I had a vision. I was laying in bed about 5:45am, trying to go back to sleep. When I clearly saw a front door, and on the step of the front door was a clear small jar of brown dirty liquid with a gold lid on top of it. Lying right next to it, was a chunk of skin with a bunch of sores and bumps on it. Some were open and oozing, they were red and purple in color. Vision ended.
* I recieved confirmation on this later when I was reading my bible. I was led to Acts 12:12, where Peter is in prison and an angel helps him escape. He first believes it is a vision he is having, but in fact it is really happening.

11/19/20- I had a dream I was in a car looking for an apartment to rent and while driving I saw huge missiles or asteroids ( I just saw huge black fiery things) falling from the sky, causing massive destruction.

I truly believe the Lord is warning us, please repent and truly seek him with all your heart. I am doing this all for his glory.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Shalom!


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