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Word to the Wise – Terri Hennessey

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Word to the Wise

September 12, 2022 11:16 PM
Terri Hennessey

Hi brothers and sisters in Christ, I asked the Lord after receiving this word if He wanted me to share it, I heard “yes daughter.” I am also feeling led to share a song that was in my worship time with Him tonight.

Sept 12, 2022

Daughter write My words,

No more will you be weary but you must always be vigilant. Be sober and alert. Always consider that at every moment when you feel the most at peace, that is when the enemy pounces. Like the predator and prey, the predator waits until the prey is relaxed and at ease before going on the attack. Because they know if they were to try and attack when the prey is feeling alert, they will lose their opportunity because the prey was waiting for the attack and as such, were ready to bolt at the first sign. Though I am so happy to see you in this place of peace and tranquility, I want you to always remember, it’s in these moments when the enemy will attack. So if you are being alert and on the lookout, he has little chance in succeeding. Daughter, all ready now. It is all ready to begin and the enemy is playing his hand, even prematurely. This of course will be to his great disadvantage, but he doesn’t care. He knows his destiny and has every intention of not going down without a fight to the bitter end. Hold onto Me and don’t let go. When you start to feel it, (the enemy’s attack) it’s time to call out to Me. I am the Only One who can fix what is broken. Look to no one and nothing else. Come to Me.
Love your King,

Here’s the link for the song with Lyrics.



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