Word: This is the year of the plummet – Mizpah26Sandra

Revealed on May 2nd, 2019

The line has been drawn for this is the year of the great falling away surgery.

For what ‘I AM’ divide no man puts together.

Soon troublemakers rise in your midst. They have heard but rejected. They are ripened in their apostate condition. As unexpected visitors once known as brethren. I will break the stiffneckedness in my own house for they say they know Me but do not know Me for they work according their hidden agenda’s. While everything is already unveiled before Me. They are considered as a nation with a closed off heart. When ‘I AM’ not honored as The Holy One My holiness strikes them. ‘I AM’  visiting the earth.

‘Words of direction’ towards the earth as the Lord Israels repeated them like an array in this last April (biblical month Nisan, New Year’s month)  are;

* sickle, sealed, east wind, suddenly, destruction, hidden manna for those who obey *

in shalom,


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