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Word of YHWH for America – Lloyd Acree

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Word of YHWH for America

September 25, 2023 3:28 PM
Lloyd Acree

(Dictation 9/25/23)

Word of YHWH for America, delivered under great sorrow of the Holy Spirit and pertaining to a lamentation “as for an only son”, Jeremiah 5-6:

“It will be worse than what I did to Jerusalem, for I have no covenant with this people, says the Lord.”

“Now take you one heifer and sacrifice it on your altar of freedom, and see if that will expiate your sins. I assure you, it will not.
This is My will for you: that you repent and see good days; for I am holy and just, able to defend the weak and lowly among My people.
There will be a time when no one will be able to seek My face. Yet I am here now, says the Lord.”

CFF. Isaiah 22

Lloyd Acree
( @MysticHackIntel )

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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