Word of the Lord – Laura McClung

Word of the Lord

March 19, 2014
Laura McClung

Oh what I say about the enemy,
Is he will come at you one way,
But he shall flee seven ways,
It doesn’t mean like it has been said by some preachers of this day,
They say high level bigger demon
No being closer to me being closer to me,
Gives you more power in me and victory over the enemy,
So it’s victory over the bigger demon,
It’s not an automatic thing that as soon as you get closer to me,

You live in defeat no way. No Way, NO WAY I say,
This is different times, different times today,
For I have not given you a spirit of fear,
But of love and power and a sound mind,
And when you are weak I am strong,
For it’s in me you do belong,
I deliver my people out of the pressure cooker
And you shall burn the enemy and every watcher and looker,
And you shall bring souls to my living water in the well,

Snatch them from the hot fires of Hell,
He’ll be the one that’ll feel all ill,
He’ll be the one to be on the grill,
For those who eat and drink of Me,
Shall walk in My holy victory,
For I say to you your warfare is not carnal,
But mighty to the pulling down of strongholds,
And My people shall not only be calm,
But they should be courageous and bold,
From the young to the old,
And they shall speak my story it shall be told,
Do not fear the time to come for you and I you and I are one,

For I have already won,
It’s time to take territory,
It’s time for people to see that My life was not a fairy tale story,
For where you are is truly holy ground,
And where I have around you the Angels do surround,
For My Spirit in you cannot be denied,
For you see the enemy to everyone has lied,
We struggle not amongst flesh and blood,
But principalities and powers in high places,
It is up to us to enforce, Enforce, ENFORSE,
What was done by the blood,
For when the enemy comes in like a flood,
Our Lord raises a standard against him,
Because that is why our Lord Jesus died,
We have not fought this war with our hands tied,

It’s time to enforce,
It’s time to divorce infirmity,
It’s time to divorce perversity,
It’s time to divorce adversity,
It’s time to come into purity in Me,
It’s time, it’s time to stand your ground.
It’s time to fire missiles’
It’s time to fire Holy Ghost missiles,
It’s time for the artillery,

The ground forces have been alone too long,
Wake up our youths take away their bongs,
Let them know what to me they belong,
You don’t love the demon out of the person,
You love the person but you hate the demon,
The demon has to be cast out,
The person has to be firm in Me,
So that seven more don’t come back and steal their victory,

Which there is none without me,
I’M the one, I’M the one, I’M the one,
I AM the way the truth and the life,
No one comes to the Father but by Me,
For you were born from above,
You are surrounded with My love and I breath life into you,
And you think after that, that I would fail you,
I will never leave you nor forsake you,
You’ll have your cake and eat it to,
It’s time for My Church to get on the meat,
Get out of it’s sin and defeat,

It’s time to clean up I say so I can fill your cup today,
Heretics, HERETICS wolves in sheep’s clothing,
Those that are loathing, servants for hire, false fire,
From such turn away they have a form of Godly ness but they deny My power
And they will try to raise up with the false religion in this hour,
But you shall come forth with My truth,
It’s like a person with a dollar bill,
You are trained to know which one’s are real,
Not the counterfeit, not the Counterfeit, Not the compromise,

Not the enemies lies,
Not the people that hate and despise,
There is a teaching going forth which I loath,
That you can be a sheep in wolf’s cloths,
So that you can bring these in with your love,
You think that is going to work,
No, No, NO NO NO I say,
Pray for wisdom in this un Godly day,
But know, But Know, BUT KNOW I AM I AM I AM,
And I AM is within you and Me in you is greater than he who is in the world,
You shall see my magnificence,
Full power for this hour,
All the gifts and all the fruit,
All of a sudden My trumpet shall toot,
You shall fly upon my Holy route,
For as I said before I AM the God of hosts,
Not the god of ghosts,
And those that entertain demons shall roast,

But what I say about the heretics today,
Do not sit at the same table and eat with them,
You shall be contaminated if you do,
Separate yourselves from the unclean thing,
Separate yourselves from the unclean and the mean,
And in Me then you’ll be strong and serene,
But you still love those that are coming in,
That are willing to repent of their sins,
But those that are in deliberate sin and refusing to repent,

They are recalcitrant,
Stay away, stay away I say don’t waste your time with them,
Send them a prayer and go along,
Because there is others, Others, Others out there,
That you lead along they need your help,
Need your kindness and need your love,
And they need your word from above,
I need laborers and workers in the harvest,
Pray there will be more laborers in the harvest,
It is not a war between good and evil,
Because I have already won.
It’s not like they are even sides that are at play like a football game,
But those who already call on My name,
You are never the same,
You are delivered from all the shame and blame,
These are not even sides because I have already won,
You just have to enforce what I have done,

Word of the Lord
thru Laura McClung


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