Word of the Lord for Arizona – Paul Campos

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Word of the Lord for Arizona

July 27, 2022 11:00 AM
Paul Campos

Written June 13th received June 12th

‘The rivers, are coming, rivers of healing, love, life. They will be deep, it will not be to drink, but to jump in. From the Desert come an army.
Who’s in the army? Real people. Not real Christian’s & not real Jews. Real people real Kingdom People. Tell the others there is not time to mingle with demons, devils whores and witches. They will have their time as well.
There will be a sweeping in this nation. And it will start with Arizona. There is much Dust. It is time to Sweep it out. Where will it begin?
In the Native American Nations. Too long have they lived in the dry places, too long in the barren places. Too long in the desert. It is time to Breathe The Free Air Again. For I Love Them Paul. Too long have their gods abandoned them. They are the Ones I want, They are the Ones. The Indigenous People Will Be Free from sorrow, they will be FREE. They do more for their gods than you do for me. You the American church do not do much of anything for me. You Follow cults, leaders of cults, that you call church. Those that come, that want to come to the desert they will come.’

Thank you Shalom

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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