Word from the Lord: “To My army, they know who they are.” 12/01/2018 – T Andrew Farley


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Word from the Lord: “To My army, they know who they are.” 12/01/2018

Behold, I AM doing a new thing for the end of all things is at hand!

Fear not My chosen ones, for I have foreseen the beginning from the end, I AM the all in all, and the most glorious restoration is ordained and appointed for this season of the great harvest!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice! For I have strengthened you. Have you not felt the outpouring of My perfect love upon you; in the intimacy of our unity and communion, from within the hidden shelter of the secret place?

I release you now, to loose the fullness of My fire from your lips! No man or any spiritual force upon the entire earth, will stop My word and My judgments from going forth! For the lukewarm will feel My mighty hand, stretched forth in love, so that they will finally become hot and not cold. They will learn righteousness, or they will perish! Righteous choice cannot come to them until I have performed My promises of the word, I have tarried long enough, the shaking of all things is at hand!

You are My messengers, I send you to the miserable, the poor, the blind and the naked…Their time of awakening is at hand! I established it, I prophesied it, and now to My chosen laborers, to My faithful and surrendered vessels, I confirm it!

Stand ready, I have ordered every step, I have seen every giant who would come against My army, and I will be the stone in your sling! You have been the arrows I hid in My quiver, now is the time you will fly; steered by My mighty bow, as I release My fire upon the nations.

Behold I grant you the key of David! I have already given you all power and authority in My name, and nothing can harm you!

The details of the final aspects of My plan to fully equip and empower you have remained veiled from some of you; it’s not the details that matter, it’s trusting ME fully in the process; as you all well know! I will not share all of My plan ahead of time, it is better for you that way, just keep watching and praying always my worthy ones, for you WERE called and chosen before time began! Help Me harvest, love and feed My sheep, let’s labor together; for the greatest season of fruitfulness is now at hand!

END of word…

This word was heard by inspiration and the clear voice and leading of the Spirit of Truth (aka: The Comforter/The Holy Spirit!) and scribed by T. Andrew Farley, in a prayer meeting on Saturday, December 1, 2018, beginning at 9:11 a.m. exactly, in Rochester, MN.

Scriptures from and by the Spirit of Truth to accompany this word:

Luke 9:1, Luke 10:19, Isaiah 42:13-18, Revelation 3: 7-13, Revelation 3:15-19, Zechariah 12, and Zechariah 13, Ezekiel 12 and ch. 13, and Psalm 91 (the covenant Psalm promise for my army!) Isaiah 26:9, Ezekiel 9, and the entire book of Revelation; including ch. 7 and 14

Search the scriptures, watch and pray always, test this and every word yourself. God loves us all, He is coming, and He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him! Anyone may share this word of the Lord, if they keep all copy and scriptures in place and do not add to or subtract from the word and do not charge for it or put it in any other book that is sold, w/out permission. Stay steadfast and diligent saints!

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