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Word from the Lord to His Church for 2019: A Call to Holiness – LION OF JUDAH Fine Anointing Oil

LION OF JUDAH Fine Anointing Oil

Word from the Lord to His Church for 2019

Received 2 January 2019

A Call to Holiness

“Oh, church! Where are you when I call unto thee? You hear Me not and regard My commandments as a weight around your necks. But this is not so! My commandments give you safety and freedom, but you choose the ways of the world instead. Do not think I will bless you if you do not repent and change from your wicked ways! You wallow in the world and then wonder why I cannot use you. You desire things that are not of Me and only fulfill the lusts of the flesh. You expect Me to bless you for this? No, I cannot.

“I have set you apart to be different from the world, yet you keep going back to it. Come away with Me and learn to desire the things I desire for you. Let Me wash your minds with the Word and cleanse you from within. Look not at the evil in the world, but think on things that pertain to righteousness and holiness. Only then can I lift you up!

“Come away with Me and let Me fill you with Myself – with My joy, strength, and laughter. You let the enemy drag you down and then wonder why you have no strength left. This is not My way for you to live. I want to bless you and raise you up to greater heights. But you wallow in the world like a pig in the mud instead. You wonder why you see few victories in your lives, yet you refuse to walk in My ways. I desire holiness and purity in everything you do and say. So put away all filthiness of the world, all the witchcraft you look into, all the haughtiness and arrogance of thinking you can do it yourself.

“Have I not called you to higher things? Yes! But you cannot get there yourselves. You must rely on My strength and My infilling you with My Holy Spirit. Do not resist Him! He is your helper and your strength. You cannot reach the mountaintop I have for you without Him. Yet you quench Him in your lives when you do not walk away from sin. This should not be so! You will NEVER walk in the callings and victories I have for you unless you repent and walk in My ways. Do not walk so as to regret what you have done with your lives when you could have accomplished so much more for Me and My Kingdom! You will weep and wail as I show you missed opportunities because you would not submit. I tell you now, be obedient, and you will rejoice instead!

“I love you, My children! I want the best for you in all areas of your lives. I desire to hold you close each day. So stop running from Me and running to the world instead. It will never satisfy like I can. I AM a well of living water and I want to spring up in you and overflow to all you come in contact with. Yet, your wells are dry! Let me fill them to overflowing. Only then will you have the peace and joy I have promised in My word.

“Be obedient, be holy, be diligent. And you will see blessings come forth you have waited upon for years. You will see the promises I have made arise suddenly in your lives. Meet with Me in the Secret Place and I will speak to you and show you things you know not of. I will give you strategies and wisdom that can ONLY come from Me. Let Me bless you with My presence and you will be a source of living water for all to see. This will please Me.

“Commit your ways to Me every day and see what I will do! This year will see many trials and heartbreaking events will occur. You will need My strength to get through these. So, come away with Me now so I may prepare you. Only then will you be able to walk through these things in victory.”

I love you!
Abba Daddy

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