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Word from the Lord for Texas – Paul Campos

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Word from the Lord for Texas

January 13, 2023 12:27 AM
Paul Campos

‘Texas there will be a flooding of your state, expect it, it’s coming. You are getting an increase of capacity, for a flood of my presence. You need a deeper longer capacity. Or you will not make it. Push past the government of this Earth, (of the planet) (prince of the air) and See I AM GOD! The government is on my shoulders. Rest with me Texas, or this will not end well.’

Prepare yourself for a losing of your life, For God wants all of you, not only half or a little, if we wanted our whole spouse we wouldn’t expect only 30%. We marry our spouses for them, for who they are, all of them. If not… then why? God wants all of us. Why, because he loves us first. The chaser is the pursuer, eventually one falls in love or walks away. We must be married to Christ. Anything less is folly. God Loves You. Amen. Shalom.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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