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Word from God on the Culminations, irrevocable callings, visions of the months ahead – Mike M

Word from God on the Culminations, irrevocable callings, visions of the months ahead.

June 2, 2020
Mike M

I have been in a prayer continually since the murder of the man by the police. Today in prayer God said to me the word, “culmination”.

The definition is as follows, then the prophetic message began flowing from that initiation. He wants me to bring you this message. Please persevere til the end of it.

Learn to pronounce
the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.
“the product was the culmination of 13 years of research”
high point
highest point
high water mark
crowning moment
high noon

God said this to me in reference to the events coming one right after another. He told me when Covid 1984 hit that events would come back to back and then Compound. Another word to look up.

See definitions in:
a thing that is composed of two or more separate elements; a mixture.
“the air smelled like a compound of diesel and gasoline fumes”
made up or consisting of two or more existing parts or elements.
“a compound noun”
make up (a composite whole); constitute.
“a dialect compounded of Spanish and Dutch”
be composed of
be made up of
be constituted of
be formed from
make (something bad) worse; intensify the negative aspects of.
“I compounded the problem by trying to make wrong things right”
make worse
add to


I told someone a few weeks ago about a vision I had received. Actually, I received it when I was on the phone with him. God does that sometimes. Iron sharpens iron. I’m alone a lot so the contact with other believers stirs things up! And it should! That’s what it’s designed for. That’s something RIGHT. Let’s focus on what we WANT to see in the body! It chases the depression away for me on many a day!
So, anyway, the vision I had was of the calendar. I could see the summer and up through October, and some of November and December. Now, the summer I saw was like a gray sky but partly cloudy. The colors were not as true. Muted. And there is the sense of the outcome of the skies (so to speak) being steered, connected to the spiritual warfare and prayer! The effects of our prayer and spiritual warfare will be evident to us these three summer months! This is a crucial time. There is a rebounding of sorts. People will spend more money now, things will seem like they are returning to normal, whatever that is. It will seem like prosperity and business as usual as people will embrace the norms because they were shut away for so long. And in these Summer months many who have been called AND chosen to do the ministry they are doing will see increase as they do what the Lord has called them to do. Those who are his servants-many unsung and out of the limelight-with no youtube channel-yet still in the trenches-HIS trenches…..THESE are the ones, the Lord says who will come into what they need to carry on the ministry. Cars will appear, land, mobile homes. Whatever they need for a productive life of service and dwelling together in unity of purpose. They are not deadbeats but have been exiled from the beast system. It has spit them out. The beast system has spit me out. The Lord has allowed this for a season that they be hidden. Illnesses, loss of transportation, loss of income-all of these are common to the ones the Lord is referring to here. ( And it’s common to me! He is defending ME here! He does that you know! 🙂 ) This has happened to SAVE them, purify them, and get their focus onto the Lord, to work in ministry, and fulfill, to purify in the refiner’s fire, to give up everything in order to serve him. And he says of this lot, Well done my good and faithful servants! As a type and shadow, the Lord says this. It’s not the final accounting of rewards, but some are definitely ON the way. I personally have already received SOME help financially. See, I work but don’t make much. And I have waited five years for disability which has not come yet. And I WANT to work. With a vehicle I CAN. The gift I got the other day does not meet the goal of what I need to buy a good quality van for work. So the pattern continues and the money will drain because without the vehicle I don’t earn more. Simple as that. Unless I have the right situation (a VAN) then the money will drain again because I don’t make much . Not enough to save that much for a van. And I pray constantly. I work hard. I pray hard. I minister hard. I have run a good race. No shame here. I’m not a free loader, a dead beat. I’m God’s child-the apple of his eye. And I have dealt with a lot of physical and psychological illness and I am coming out victorious. But I’m just NOT capable of working in the beast system jobs. I need to work ALONE to manage my health and mental health. I can work around others, but I need to have control over things like my bathroom breaks and food breaks due to my illness. Plus some days I can do more and other days I can’t do much. It’s how the illness goes for me. Few jobs are like that, so I will make one. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. But I DO need a hand UP to get out of this. I believe the person or persons who help me will be blessed for helping me, because I know it’s God’s will. I feel him cheering me on. And to come to you petitioning for this again, I feel his hand on that. And it’s not embarrassing because I have no shame in my actions. You know, I see Christians donating their cars to charity but not to members of the household of faith!? That’s just wrong if a tax break is more important than a Brother or Sister in Christ. The Lord is rebuking this. Read the book of Acts and see where the remnant is headed as far as lifestyle! Judgement begins in the house of the Lord. And Judgement is here now in a notable way and will continue. But those that do the will and work of the Lord, will be provided for. We pray we can escape all the things that are coming upon the earth.
Now, what is happening in September, I don’t know. But I see the month in the vision on the calendar very dark, ominous. Reminds me of a very bad summer storm with the nearly black clouds and that air stirring mysteriously, and all sense danger. Now,this does NOT mean literally clouds and storms, although that could be part of it-I don’t know. God uses things as symbols that we can relate to. Then we discern over time and he shows us what it means. I’m not God. I’m just the messenger. And he releases to us what he does and how he does for our benefit and the edifying of the saints. He knows what he’s doing. Trust him. More will be revealed. Pray and ask him. Maybe more of the understanding will come through you-he will show it to YOU. But I just know September carries with it a feeling and sense of reality that is stark and ominous. Danger.
And sitting right next to September is October. Now I was surprised when I saw October as I did. At first I thought, “Oh, what pretty glory over October!” and the more I looked the more I saw it’s two sided. For the Kingdom of light, we enter into higher levels of ministry and anointing and power and glory. Yet for the Kingdom of the Beast, there continues to be a false glory. And it feels to me like the false glory is somehow arriving. And it’s going to fool many, says the Lord. For if we do not pray we will not be able to discern. Remember that even the elect are in danger of being deceived! So, these heavy times are going to take heavy hitting, says the Lord. We can’t slide by anymore with our shorter devotions and not studying the word. It’s elevated struggle but with greater rewards spiritually for those who will engage in the battle and get in step.

So, this false glory is so good it can and will fool many people. I don’t know what this means. But I can tell you the world will think it’s great if they are glued to the beast system and worship and follow it’s every move as sacred. I just know there is a difference in Oct and the game will get creepy but everyone will say it’s wonderful! The vibe I get in the spirit reminds me of a cult! Where all the cultlings do what cultlings do: rat on their neighbor, report to the leader, defend the leader blindly and in the face of abuse of power, sin and debauchery, they go along to get along. They sell out. They dumb down, water down, make excuses for their decisions to sear their conscience. They will be resolute in identifying with their Orwellian captors. It’s a great division coming. It was prophesied, says the Lord, but this fall you will see it plain as day-to those with eyes to see. The world will grow in it’s ironic intolerance of Christians and those who do right and are pure. I see a raising in crazed and maddened people. Just out of their heads and away from their senses. Like it’s their next level on the dark side while we have our next level in the Kingdom of light. I see demented minds in October that cannot think straight or reason well enough to save their own souls. Like they are given over to a reprobate mind and will defend it even though it does not make sense. They won’t ask questions about what’s coming, but will be happy it has. And in the Kingdom of light it will be the reverse.

So, see, it’s the little things that connect together to bind into the bigger picture and graduation from one step to the next. Well, you might think this is simple, but for many of us who have been the forgotten servants of the Lord in this recent long season, it’s the humility of the baby steps that we need right now, without anyone shaming us. We have no shame, for we have obeyed what he put in front of us to do! This lot sees the Kingdom of God through the eyes of a child. We have been persecuted mostly online for our stance and for correcting,and loving and standing up for the unborn, and setting the captives free. And we are buffeted by neighbors, living in bad situations. And we have done our best, and if we have not, we are allowed the courtesy of not being perfect, but still in the fight. We are allowed the same grace and mercy afforded to people who are in a different socio-economic situation . Sin is sin. And mercy is mercy. And grace is grace. And we should go and do likewise. And GOD will move on the hearts of those who will bless us so that we can bless others. It will take much prayer, and my one friend sobered me up to the amount of prayer needed to accomplish this transition to which the body is called. Lots of personalities to learn to get along! Continual attitudes of prayer. That’s our job And he will reward. He does not disappoint. We let our needs be known to him and the fulfillment of those needs will come to fruition. Nothing is impossible with God. No situation is too dire. He sent ravens to feed prophets and all kinds of other miraculous things, so surely he is not worried, so neither should we be.

The culmination of several things is for now. The Beast system has culminated their planning and now is executing it. You can feel it, that there is a heightened, sobering feel to things. They are swift, calculating, determined and it’s pre-planned. We see that now more than ever if we have eyes to see. And over in the Kingdom of light, the Lord says, it’s a culmination of those who have waited for provision, for work they can do, for a hand up to be able to even DO that work, for those who have given up so much for the gospel the last many years-For more solid connection to others who wish to live in unity, for geographical locations blossoming, for God culminating in the hearts of those who have PLENTY (and I sense his anger as I write this) who will be moved to fund HIS work by helping the least of these to get into positions whether materially with a vehicle or geographically so as to have an advantage to find work in many cases. Or maybe God is having them go and work at at safe haven to get it ready! We all have something unique God will have us do. The laborers are willing at this point. Everyone senses and wants a change.

Remember, God takes away talents not used. God says, do you trust me or do your trust your 401K.? Because he says they are coming for it. And they are coming for the social security payments. But what is sown into him will be multiplied like the loaves and fishes. I’ve seen this with the little I have! I give of the little I have and more comes my way. And the pattern repeats. All of it happens as the economy collapses. Last time in 2008 it was a bail OUT, and this time it’s going to be a bail IN-and your money is earmarked not for you and your retirement but for the Government to snatch so you end up completely needing them, It’s insane, I know! It’s planned. So, why leave the money there? It’s going to dwindle just sitting there. Remember in 2008 that many retirement accounts vanished? The funds can be used to invenst in the body of Christ and the safe havens NOW. And those two are very connected at the moment. Many are just waiting to even have a vehicle to go and be with others and start a community. Communities that are needed in this hour. And from these communities, we can go out from there to preach and what have you. But God wants people not to be alone so much. He’s coming for a spotless bride that loves each other. We have a ways to go. We better get crackin and get to practicing it! Or you can wait for the beast system to turn around and ‘save you’ after they take it FROM you!? That’s why so many are shifting to the out of the way cities of refuge where they will be as self-sustaining as possible! For many, the come of out Babylon scripture is rhema and now and to be obeyed. Not everyone has the strength and fortitude to stay IN society going forward. Some have tremendous fortitude to endure much, because they are not already wounded and damaged. There are weaker parts of the body that need set aside. And in these parts he uses many from it’s members in all kinds of ministries. To some of us, this is the best thing we have got going-to serve God and others. And the only thing we want to do, too. Planting crops at the havens, building structures, becoming more in unity. We’ll have plenty of support as we go and even work at local businesses near the areas. This is what so many need. And when we have unity, anything is possible! It’s God’s will.

God is shifting people’s focus-those with ears to hear-away from the fluff on social media-wherever that may be. Where previously money was given to those with good graphics and emotionally stirring-over the top content-God is now adding and defending the desires of the heart for those behind the scenes, those in the trenches, those who have done some of the hardest and most unappreciated jobs like intercession, healing ministries, and prophetic ministries. Those who work just as hard and travel around the internet and seek the lost and broken. Those who stand up for the un-born, for righteousness and purity amidst a wicked and perverse generation. Those who don’t toot their own horn-well not often. But they do occasionally say, “hey, what about me!” out of the sincere necessity to just live and survive and carry on as the Lord has shown them to. And the Lord says those who will bless these, I will doubly bless. And those of whom I require to give some of the much that they have, IF they do not give, MORE -even more will be taken now. Previously the Lord gave me a word on this. And this Corona virus is part of that. It’s a judgement allowed. And the rain falls on both the just and unjust. And judgement begins IN the house of the LORD. Think it not strange-God is doing this to correct! He WILL have a people. These things are written so they must come to pass. And the cities of refuge, Goshens, safe havens-or whatever you want to call them-they are biblical!

These least of these workers for the Kingdom are those who will come into a completion of provision so they can go onto the next chapter that God has for them. And when these seeds are sown into this GOOD SOIL of God’s Servants, he will open doors for these to have work, more fellowship, emotional support, fellowship with other like minded and end times awake Christians, new locations and families for people. The knitting is active! That is completed in the heavenlies. Now we just have to walk it out-by faith for this time, says the Lord. He is requiring this faith to step out first, see his provision later. Now for some this is an easy task. And I have to admit for myself, that was easy for me when I was younger, healthier, and when I had things established already like transportation and work, when I was not on meds that I need to survive. Meds I could not avoid taking! Meds I got bamboozled into taking for my heart. (and he says he will be healing many as well of their need for them, but only after we obey). But now it’s different. He really is testing us-and it’s mostly the prophetic who are to be sent out soon-to trust him. When he moves on us with the next indicated step, there’s the test. He’s faithful, patient and so kind to his servants. He knows our frame. He wants to build us up. So, he is taking us one step at a time. (and he says here beware of lying signs and wonders at this time coming in like a flood-it’s a test as well). I have seen this in my own life in simple ways. Letting go and spending monies when the world would reason it was prudent not to spend it. Recently, I spent on a quality flea collar because the other treatments have not worked which means a year now and I’m still seeing fleas! , so I went for the powerful one, which is more expensive all at once. And some residual medicine for my cat. As soon as I did, I had a sale in my online shop-which has been slow-and that covered some of it. And I know the rest will be on it’s way because my sales seem to come in 2’s and 3’s. (not to mention I have a vision of selling many, many things all at once in the shop. I don’t know when this will be, but it will happen). And I’m about to have an auction house come and pick up my furniture, pictures from the wall, and other things so I can put that toward a vehicle! I pray God move on more hearts to help me and others. I just have not understood why, then the Lord told me at the appointed time it will happen. And I think that time is now. Just the other day I received some help, but this has to be all at once help in a bigger way in order to get a van, and carrying out work he has shown me to do is not possible without the vehicle. So I make less without a vehicle. So the money dwindles again if I cannot afford the vehicle. So, I’m believing enough funds to come in to buy a quality Van. It’s at least 5,000 for a decent vehicle here in California. And expensive to register and insure. If he takes me to another state first, I would go! I’m willing! And more importantly, my actions are saying I am ready as I rid myself of excess and then I will be ready when he says go! But if I had the vehicle I could be going out and finding work NOW to keep saving for what’s next-a trailer to put on a piece of remote property! Others can join me and we’ll be a household of faith together. That’s the vision he gave to me.

I came across a very powerful, timely, concise, and anointed word by ‘Now you see TV’ on youtube. I share it here because of all the wonderful scriptures and insight this man has into the cities of refuge. So peaceful and confident in the spirit. The Bible has something to say on the subject! And it’s a wonderful comfort and confirmation for so many to hear. Great and edifying presentation.

More and more are getting on board with the reality of how our lives are changing. If we want to be true followers of Christ, things are going to change for us drastically by the fall. I am not sure how exactly. I just know the vision I saw. I am still praying over it. And more is revealed all the time. And it’s revealed more-some by others because the Kingdom of God is relational. Because the spirit of the prophetic (and prophets-not saying I am one) is subject to the control of the prophetic (prophets). Iron sharpens iron. But I can tell you what I sense in my spirit about what I saw.

So, the summer I saw that gray skies, partly cloudy (so to speak-c’mon people. lol) were through August. And the importance of prayer and spiritual warfare more important than ever. This is a transitional period the Lord is saying. The sense I have is like that time before class when everyone is hurrying and scurrying and getting to where they are going. The Lord says that IF (because many words are conditional!) his people obey to be in prayer and fasting and interceding, being about HIS will this summer then we will win some battles with the Kingdom of darkness. This includes people like me who NEED a vehicle in ORDER to do the work he has shown me to do for income in this next season . Plus for ministry and travelling to all the places he has shown me to travel. Yeah, don’t forget about us! Because we labor! The arm cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you” because you DO! And you benefit from us daily. And people have extra vehicles, 20ft camping trailers they don’t use, or an acre of land remotely that they could never even figure out what to do with! Why not have it be in the hands of those that WILL use it!? If these things get into the RIGHT hands, then the servants of God can have safe haven and refuge for themselves and others for the times ahead. Because it’s different strokes for different folks! Some need this level of fellowship and support emotionally. No shame in that. I know I do. I personally think we ALL do, it’s just that some more at times that others, etc….the point is the places of refuge will BE there for WHEN it’s needed. And those that don’t need it now WILL one day. I assure you. I have seen it in the spirit. Now is the time for these things to be gifted. Now is the time to let go of the hoarded stuff, sell it and give the money into the furtherance of the gospel. Now is the season of transition, says the Lord! IF only my store house keepers will listen and obey to the moving on their heart. To the voice that says to DO as Christ has told us to do throughOUT the new testament. MANY need a hand UP so they can get financially more productive again-I am one of them. And I can and still will do ministry work because I’ll be happier, more fulfilled and have more income for supporting the ministry on my own as much as I can. WE who are ready and willing to be SENT and obey are GOOD SOIL. Sow in it declares the Lord. Watch good things happen. For such a time as this are we hidden parts of the body to transition and change up our ministries each how the Lord has shown. And God says also, Shhhh! Loose lips sink ships. Don’t give our intel away. Keep it under wraps. Give it wisely and at the appointed times. The enemies rise up as we rise up in obedience both together-a culmination of many things and seasons coming to a close. No sense making it harder than it need be. Be street smart, says the Lord. Use wisdom and knowledge. Ask for them.

This is the raising up the willing who will lead. And the strategies and behaviors change for leaders. More responsibility, more accountability. New levels, new devils. But still the same overcoming God. So, act like the leaders I have called you to be, declares the Lord. Now is your time, he says, to fulfill the things I have shown you in secret, and the hidden desires of your heart for the GOOD of the body of Christ, NOT for selfish gain.

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