Word for Florida – Paul Campos

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Word for Florida

July 29, 2022 12:37 PM
Paul Campos

June 17 th

Word for Florida Texas Arizona

Do you hear, the birds are singing a new song, Their babies made it, why don’t you let yours live? If I make sure the Birds Eat, How much more would I care for you. The beavers dam the Beavers Dam. It is a Block of The Holy Spirit. You Must PRAY to Get into it, to break it to get into it. There is a River flowing down along the coast down to the Everglades. And It’s coming from Arizona. Tell Florida it is time to Life Your Voice, the devil is in disney. There will be Pines Again in The Everglades! From the Everglades Will Come My Spirit. There is A Rushing CURRENT and it IS CURRENT! From the Everglades also come a snake. In Eden the snake came from the Garden. It is time to Cut the Head Off The Snake. Florida…The island, you know. Texas they are not far from you. You know that they can drive through the borders of your state. Texas hear the Word Of The Lord. For the River to Flow, Arizona you must Pray.

Added word
July 26 th

From the Everglades comes a crocodile salt water crocodile

It’s coming to Eat, it’s coming to eat now it’s come to eat right now tell them tell Florida now

The snapping crocodile is coming for the children from Disney from the island You Florida you know

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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