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Word: Do Not Fear The Coming Alien Invasion – Hope InHim

Hope InHim

Word to me about not fearing the coming alien invasion:

Published on Jun 18, 2016
06/18/16 – Word to me


The impostors are indeed coming. They are in your skies right now, right above. They are with you when you walk; they are everywhere. Hybrids, the abducted, DNA changed and transformed. They are not human and they are not of Me. I create in you a soul and a spirit. I breathe into you the Breath of Life. Satan cannot do this. He cannot create a child of Mine, he can only twist what is already there.

Do not be afraid of the coming invasion, announced by your government. Do not be alarmed when you hear the words of the announcement. Deception is all around you. It always has been but the enemy has ramped up his fight. This evil is pervasive on earth.

Run to Me, My children of the Light. Jesus is the Light of the world and all will fall on their knees to Him. He is the King of Kings and Son of God. He has taken your sin upon Him so you do not have to pay the cost. Your salvation is free. And you are free to love and have joy, blessings in abundance when you lean on Me.

Keep your focus steady now. Remain resolute in your beliefs. Come to Me with any question and I will answer you.



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