My child, write these words down

Oh America, America-you who lift your banner high full of pride and deceit. Are you ready to see it was I that made you great and how without Me you will fall? I am about to destroy you—all your kingdoms that are not on a solid foundation will utterly collapse. I AM is going to take you off your high horse.

Leaders of America—you have plundered My children, you have stolen the minds of My little ones, you have murdered My babies; My precious treasures. You snuff out life as if you have the authority to do so. NO man has the authority to take another’s life yet you tear My unborn to pieces, you sell them for profit. They cry out to Me and I am about to recompense you DOUBLE for the crimes against My people, My children, My babies!! THEY ARE ALL MINE; you dare to come against the Great I AM and believe you are above Me—you wicked ones I am going to purge you off my earth if you do not repent to Me.

Children of America, My Hand will fall heavy on all the unrepentant. It is time now for all to see who I am. I AM is the Creator of Heaven and Earth. IT IS ALL MINE. You were to be stewards on earth; to take care of the poor, the afflicted, the widow, the orphan. You were to care for the air, land and sea but you have destroyed what I have given you as bountiful blessings and I curse this nation you call “America, the Beautiful”. She will be torn to pieces, just like you tore to pieces My unborn—there will be nothing left of you. You will not be sold to the highest bidder as you did with My babies because there will be nothing to sell. You will be in pieces, torn, tattered, shredded and utterly destroyed!!!

“America the putrid” is who you are in My Eyes—the blessings taken away for you do not deserve to be blessed. You wallow in filth, allowing every abomination in, embracing idolatry and witchcraft. The father of lies, your master, cannot stop what is coming. My Power, My Hand is much stronger than his.

All who sold their souls to the master deceiver, master of lies will be forever his. You forfeit your salvation when you pledge your allegiance to him by taking his Mark. There is NO way out, NO redemption for you—your days will be in hell without number. You have made your bed and you will lie in it. You will perish, your souls forever tormented. You believed the lies he told you and soon you will see how he deceived you. SATAN IS NOT ME, HE IS NOT THE “I AM”, NOT THE GOD OF ALL CREATION. He is an imposter and uses all that fall for his lies.

You have been forewarned NEVER to take his Mark but so many are willingly embracing the lies that it will make their lives easier. Do you not research what you are truly putting into your temples? Once modified, you will turn into cannibals, beastly people, the walking dead!

Children of the Most High—there is coming a battle between good and evil like never before. Those of Me will be hunted down. Many of you will spend your days on the run, never able to stay in one place for very long. Some will be taken to places of refuge, others will be hiding wherever they can. Many will be martyred. Many will be taken to FEMA camps where you will have to make your final decision; to stand up for Me or to renounce My Name, forever sealed to hell.

Physically children, you are not prepared for what you will be up against. Spiritually, you have NOT prepared. You have NOT been repenting daily believing the lies you are all saved and do not need to. Wake Up from your slumber. IT IS TIME NOW!!! There is NO MORE TIME to be double-minded, complacent, lethargic, oblivious to what is right in front of you!!!

The time you are living in none has ever seen before. You will be up against AI’s, cyborgs, giants, creatures of the deep, the fallen ones. Do you think you can win this battle in your flesh? The fear of what you will see will overcome you. You will be faced with invaders—ISIS, foreign soldiers, UN Military of cyborgs, hybrids, gangs who will terrorize and so much more. It is then when many of you will return to Me. It is then you will see that My Name is great and I have always been for you, not against you.

Children, along with all I have just spoken to My faithful child to write down for Me, there will be such weather catastrophes as never before, rioting, looting, random attacks, famine, disease.

You need Me NOW but you refuse to Repent now so you cause your own suffering to the greater extent. I have offered all My salvation; it is a free gift. Why do you reject this? My Hand is Mighty to Save—DO NOT WAIT UNTIL ALL THIS COMES UPON YOU. I gave My life up freely to save you. Soon you will see your churches fall. I AM is purging My House that has profaned My Sabbaths, twisted My Word, fed My sheep false doctrines, used tithes to live lavishly instead of doing My Will.

Not only is there war for the souls of men but there is war coming. Your nation is divided on almost every issue and a nation divided will not and cannot stand. It is a nation on quicksand; a nation on the slippery slope to destruction. YOU ARE THAT CLOSE—soon time will be no more. I have given all plenty of time. NOW TIME IS NO LONGER ON YOUR SIDE.

My faithful servants on assignment will be there to aid you during the darkest of darkest days. In order to follow My light, you must come out of darkness; only way to do this is through Me. I am the way, the truth and the life. THERE IS NO OTHER NAME BY WHICH ONE MUST BE SAVED! All other paths lead to hell. The decision is yours.

Simply come as you are at this time, repent, lament, ask for forgiveness. I am and have always been a Most Merciful God but will only be to those who are of a contrite spirit, sorrowful for their iniquities against Me. I am your refuge, your safety net, the One you need. Only I know the safe places to go to. Only I can lead and guide you in the way you should go. Only I can protect you. I am the Greatest of great, I am your shield and buckler in the midst of storms. You cannot make it on your own. Families will be separated. You need ME to lean on. Do NOT lean on your own understanding. Children, your faith will be sorely tested. You MUST believe I AM WHO I AM from the first word to the last. YOU MUST NOT COMPROMISE—it will cost you dearly!

To My Warriors on the front lines—I go before you. Remember the battle is not yours; the battle is the Kings’. I have already won this war. Let your lights shine bright for all to see. Children, there will be great displays of love at this time also. There will be miracles, healings, awesome wonders, praise and worship!

There is a new Kingdom coming to earth where you will be joint-heirs and reign with Me for 1,000 yrs. ALL IS NOT LOST! All who repent and return will join Me in My Kingdom; the millennial reign where peace, harmony, love abound. Make the decision to join in the Song of the Lamb. Do NOT throw away everlasting life for all worthless things; mammon is soon to go, idols will all fall!

Come to living water and satisfy your thirst. Come to Me and you will feast at My table; I AM THE BREATH OF HEAVEN, I AM THE BREATH OF LIFE. I long for all to be with Me. Do NOT succumb to the wiles of the devil. I am your sustaining grace. BE MINE-MAKE ME YOURS. Come, repent and come to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

There is a glorious Kingdom coming; remember this My Beloveds during the darkest of days. The end comes for the wicked, the unrepentant; the end of this world paves the way for My Kingdom to Come. ALL IS NOT LOST. Everything you lost here on earth will be restored unto you if you repent and return!!

I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH. You cannot even comprehend how much I have for you if you come back to Me. I AM THE PRINCE OF PEACE, THE JOY AFTER THE MOURNING, THE LOVE THAT IS NEVER FAILING AND NEVER ENDING. I AM YAHUSHA HAMASIACH, YOUR KING, YOUR SAVIOR. Won’t you join Me? My Father and I look forward to your return. Won’t you be My Bride like those who have repented and returned to Me already? There is always room for you—come and I will wipe your tears away when you come home to Me.

I, saith the Lord, have spoken. Take My Words into your hearts this day. My promises are true! I will never leave you nor forsake you. Come child come! I will save you even on your dying day if you cry out in repentance.

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU. I always have, I always will.

Come home my wayward children for soon time will be no more. Give your heart to Me and I will give you Mine!

Father and I await to hear from you! Yahushua HaMasiach

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 7/25/2018)

Please read Chapters 50 and 51 in Jeremiah – it pertains now to what is coming to America

(I asked if He wanted any Scriptures other than the above and He said No child, the rest is self-explanatory; verses are in what I have just spoken. It is quite evident these are My Words)

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