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Women of Babylon (USA) PREPARE FOR WAR – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

Daughter speak to the women of Babylon (USA). Your men will be busy fighting in a war. . What will you be doing . ? Have you prepared your household as I have instructed you to do?. The enemy wants you and your children.You have value being alive. Have you made provisions? As the men are distracted . You and your children will be taken captive. Some brutalized and killed. Others taken and used and sold as SLAVES. Those with eyes open , look about it is already beginning. Missing women and children. Where do you suppose they have gone? Thousands missing yearly. OPEN YOUR EYES! The TRUTH STANDS before you. Will you accept it?. I have sent you messengers and prophets to warn and prepare you.I want you to take action immediately. Your leaders will not help you you have appointed many leaders that are your enemy and wish to destroy you. You will be forced to do unthinkable things to protect yourselves and your families during the reign of TERROR. Be warned women of BABYLON . I am with you. PREPARE FOR WAR.

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