Wolves in the Flock – Sarah


Wolves in the Flock

November 14, 2020 5:42 PM

So, partly because I thought “everyone already knows this” and also because it came abruptly in the middle or after another dream, I failed to share this dream that I had maybe months ago. I may share more things, even things from years ago. I don’t have anyone I feel free to vet these things through, so I ask you to please take all things to prayer in Jesus name. I’ll try, God willing, to keep personal comments/interpretations at a minimum.

In my dream, I was in a line up getting ready to go to church. There was a doorman allowing people in by turns, hence the line. I could hear praise and worship music from the inside.

The line up was getting a bit rowdy with a group of troublemakers wanting to enter. They were very indignant that others were going in ahead of them, because they had arrived earlier. It was unfair, they said. They were up to no good. I knew that their intent was to disrupt the service and cause trouble. I had an awareness that they were Satanists. So, they both looked rough and behaved badly.

The others going in ahead of them were respectable in appearance. Dressed in “Sunday Best” material – suits, etc. They looked the part of wholesome believers. They had arrived later than the Satanists.

As the songs were being sung from the inside, these respectable Christians started singing the songs as they were getting ready to enter the church. But there was something wrong.

They were not singing the songs to God. They were singing a song about how glad they were that the Lord had saved them, but they weren’t talking about Jesus. I just knew this. They were talking about someone else. It looked like they were joining in on the singing, but their hearts weren’t in line with the real believers. They then looked at the Satanists and sang at them. And the Satanists understood. The Satanists then no longer raised a fuss about these line-cutters, because they knew that the fake Christians were preparing the spiritual atmosphere for the full Satanic assault.

I woke up with the thought that these Satanists are pretty stupid for thinking that they could concoct a scheme like this, as if God does not notice everything and cannot prepare His saints ahead of time for things like this.

So, I had praise and worship songs playing in my sleep, and that was another reason I dismissed this dream. It started leaving my mind until I asked the Lord in prayer to please make me remember if He wanted me to share. Then, it all came back immediately. I wrote it down and shared with one person, but then just didn’t with anyone else for a long time. I don’t think that was sufficient. But, respectfully, please pray on this.


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