Woe Woe Woe America – Stephanus Stephen

Stephanus Stephen

Woe Woe Woe America

Saturday August 19, 2017

You have not heard my warnings, and you have shut your heart against me! I am God Almighty

The ruler of the nations! You have stained your hands with blood! Have taken innocent people’s life, and
You made the world drunk! With your oil and money!

Since your birth and since your independence against your mother England your country has been stained with blood! Since you are, your nation has blood on your hand!
Now you departed from me!

This I tell you, proud comes before the fall! And your case will replace the world in horror because then you people know that
I was it God Almighty. In one hour you’ll fall America! And the case comes without warning I have spoken it so it will be if you do not turn back.
Your sins Oh America have reached heaven and I will now act I will not tolerate it any more, and I will smash and destroy you with a nation from the north that you
Have surpassed! The bear wakes and gets you alive! And I send you the Lucifer in person!

Oh America, how could you turn away from me! Oh America, you have blown innocent your own aborigines for gold and land?
OH America you lied to make a war! Oh America, you have lied to your people and you have deceived your people, and you have not departed from it!
Oh America that I tell you My own hand will be Sign your Judgment on the wall!

YOU daughter Babel, I gave you signs and you said it is not God!
O Babel, Your arrogance brings you to fall!

You Babel have taught people with falsities to go to hell!
You Babel teaches people what I see as a perversion in My Eyes!

YOU California You’ll be so much shaken and squashed by the San Andreas ditch he’ll devour you under the water!

Oh you New York! YOU whore you’ll be congeal when the tsunami rolling in!

Oh YOU capital of America you will be destroyed with fire!

YOU Seattle the bear awaits you and you Alaska too!

Oh your site of the Mississippi River. I’ll make you splits! From Chicago to the Mexican Gulf!

It shall be done with fire-water and earth, from the face of the earth i will erase you.

You will not be like America anymore.

Who are you guilty of your transgressions Visible and invisible!

Revelation 13


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