Woe unto the inhabitants in the earth – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

December 3, 2018

The Lord has kept me awake most of the night. I have been in much prayer with him. He gave me this word. The hour is VERY late. Although unseen in the natural, it is seen and known in the spiritual, the kingdom of God sees and knows all things.

You dont know how quickly things
are about to change, how dark it is going to be. It is happening now,
although unseen to you, I say and
declare from my heavens it is so. For am I not before all things and after? The religious on the right will turn against mine of Truth who’s mouths I have obtained through the flery trials they have been in. I have set these apart, I know them each by their names, they are numbered as I have
numbered the stars in my heavens.
The dark ones, they have fallen now to obtain their places and positions in the earth. These are hidden, for as I inhabit my chosen ones, these shall inhabit mens flesh also. These come, they come in the night as mine come in the light. The heavens shall uprise and wage war against these. Oh flesh of men, do you not know I have declared this thing at this very hour? Woe unto the inhabitants in the earth, for the hour has come. He, the man of sin shall call forth his fallen ones, just as I, shall call forth my hidden ones. Soon, The mightiest of men shall fall from all the kingdoms of earth for all to see. But I AM the one who shall raise my banner for every nation to see, for I, the Lion of Judah shall roar and from my kingdom shall give a shout, and it shall be declared ,the kingdoms of men have now become the kingdoms of our God, In the fall of man, my kingdom shall now riser

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