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Woe unto the harlot Babylon, for now her time is come and she has fallen – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

December 28, 2018

The Lord has awakened me again at 3 a.m. He spoke these words to me

“Babylon, oh Babylon, great shall be your waste in a now barren land. Oh that you would listen, oh that you would repent. From afar many shall see your wasteland and they too shall cry in utter despair, for what once was rich is now barren as will be their own land with their kingdoms and gods shall fall. The earth and its kingdoms
shall travail for my wrath and my judgement shall no longer remain hidden. But oh, it is so soon many shall say, leave us to live and rejoice and celebrate in our kingdom of darkness. We hide away with our own thrones and our idols of the wicked one we have created. Why should the Bridegroom come and cause us despair is their cry. Mercy, for l shall now have no mercy upon the unrepentant, for mine hour has come. Shall not judgement come and befall those who have sinned against me and my ways? Woe, woe, woe unto a nation who has
turned it’s back against a God who has wooed her with his great love and his mercy, for now l shall turn my back against her and hear not her cries and her wails unto me, for l have turned a deaf ear unto her. Bloodshed, the innocent have cried unto me while their lives were torn apart and no mercy was shown unto these. For now mine hour has come, no longer shall l warn and say come out of her and her abominations, for my anger is kindled. Woe unto a nation who has forgotten her God and his mercies thereof. Woe unto the harlot Babylon, for now her time is come and she has fallen.”


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