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Woe To You – The Messenger


Woe To You

June 28, 2021 3:22 PM
The Messenger

Received June 25th 2021 at 5:29 PM

My son write these words down to what I will now speak. My children , My children why am I so weary, oh why so grieved has My Holy Spirit become . My children much and I will say much you still do not get nor understand nor want to . Why do I waste My messengers time when they can be praying why children why. My heart bleeds, I grieve and yet My own do nothing but cause me pain and dis pleasure. Yes there are My own who are truly mine, they belong to me your Father In Heaven and My Son The Christ Jesus but the rest cause so much hurt so much pain. The killing of My little ones, as your God , all the blood that had been shed, so innocent so pure, this is an-atrocity. I gave you a small life to nourish ,raise up and take care of but what did you do . You only committed murder, idolatry and fornication with other Gods . Oh My children, Repent now Repent now, WOE, WOE ,WOE to the unrepenters , WOE to you!!! your God’s mercy has been stretched, WOE to you . Is it not too much to ask again, I say it ,Repent from your wicked evil ways, Repent now before time is done . My children, My little ones, My heritage cries out and My heart aches for those who were suppose to be gifts to you . My prideful murders of the innocent, Repent I say Repent now, time is now at hand, Repent, Repent Repent. None of you, heritage murder’s fear your God , FEAR ME it is the start of wisdom. My children I am at a crossroads with the Mystery Babylon nation of America.My cup running over and innocent blood cries out, I gave you life and what did you do, throw it away . Time is at hand ,it is now ,I have sent messages in all forms, shapes, sizes and I will repeat nothing but bloodshed and torment and pain shall wake you up. For those not Repentive , hell awaits you , eternal tormenting and burning . I am a Holy righteous, merciful God and you , the inhibitors of Babylon WOE to you ,WOE to you. My wrath is kindled against you, and My judgements will not wait any longer . I can no longer stand bye and watch the life I give, get tossed away because of pride, your desires, your wants, what about your God’s will in your lives, do you ever ponder that, I say nay. My children, the lost ones and disobedient ones who do not follow My voice nor obey it, WOE to you, WOE to you. Satan comes down like lightening from the sky . You shall see it soon, My ones, you shall. You want your father of lies, I will give him to you. You want him over me, I will give him to My ones who are not worthy. Soon look up your wish and want shall come true as he comes down upon you. Maybe than, when he has all authority all power to do as he wishes you will surely cry out and Repent, My ones WOE to you for now is that time.WOE to this generation, of non fearing of your LORD, WOE to you!!! You seek worldly pleasures while saying you are one of My own, WOE to you, you prideful, greedy, whores ,WOE to you, America and the world WOE WOE WOE ,I. am hotly vexed and sorely displeased . Your nation America will have a double portion of My judgements, My wrath. My messages sent thru My workers and you mock and scoff your God, WOE to you, WOE, WOE, WOE. It all ends soon soon, Mystery Babylon falls and a hard one it will be.

My children how many times, how many times about false doctrines and yet you still think that My sons holy blood covers you . You are wrong My children ,you perverse My words to suit your doctrines and do nothing but evil, leading My innocent flock astray . That ends soon enough, My son take this down . My worthy ones get ready, get prepared look up . My unworthy ones get prepared look up one will be gone and be with My Son Jesus the Christ, one will be with their father of lies!!!! Which do you choose and serve? do it now make a wise choice the time is ticking away .

End of message
signed Your Father Your Creator

The Messenger

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