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Woe To You America – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

September 20 2018

The darkness increases with fury and the battle rages. The heavens shall shake with intensity as will the earth Take heart for I have overcome the world. To my faithful…to those who long for me…to be in my presence…to behold my face…That is being fufiled in this hour. For my table is set and prepared. My beloved bride have I gathered..sheltered and hidden under my wings. I ALONE AM ON THE THRONE. I ALONE REIGN. I ALONE AM GOD. Hear me. I allow all things for my GLORY. I said and I say again I shall recompense the nation of America for rejecting me. The darkness is allowed by me. You rejected my light. You rejected my love. My peace. YOU REJECTED ME. I the LORD alone do all these things…what is the darkness to me….is not the light and darkness alike to me? Yea… the darkness hideth not from me but the night shineth as the day. You will see America what a nation whom has rejected GOD looks like. Gehenna. When you reject ME…chaos will reign. I was seen as an enemy to America. I will show you an enemy America. The enemy is coming…lo the enemy is here. He who has fallen will rise again at my command shall he rise up and strike. Woe to you America. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth for the devil has come down to you and he knows he has but a short time. Rejoice oh you heavens….For the hour of revelation has come. I held the reigns of the dragon in my love grace…I AM longsuffering willing none to perish but all men to come to repentance and live. I AM life. I AM ETERNAL. In this last hour shall you witness a great betrayl which will cause a great scatter and finalize with a great fall. You know not my sorrow and my fury towards America. YOU TOOK WHAT IS NOT YOURS…YEA YOU ROBBED ME AMERICA. Still I offer my hand in love and mercy. What you consider freedom shall reveal itself as captivity. I have spoken…For the gates are opened and the American pharoah rides. The horses of blood are loosed. To you my beloveds I know you are weary. I know you are pressed on every side. I hear your cries and sighs. And deliverance is imminent. Rejoice for blessed are you my loves whom are persecuted for my namesake for the kingdom of heaven is yours. Rejoice those whom mourn for you shall be comforted. Yea the kingdom of heaven is yours…Blessed are the poor in spirit for yours is the kingdom of heaven..Fear not little flock for it is your Fathers good pleasure to give you the kingdom. There is much that has not been made known to you. It will. How many will mourn when I reveal that which was clouded.. The falling away…The lifting of the veil….The clouds of concealment…The clouds of fire…The clouds of revelation. The clouds of heaven…The clouds of glory…Binding up of wounds…Healing of the soul. Removal of the pain. The drying of the tears. The restoration…The resurrection.
Jesus Christ

Psalm 139:12 kjv
Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee

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