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Woe to those who say peace and safety – Barbara Francis

Woe to those who say peace and safety

Jan 2, 2020
Barbara Francis

Daughter ,warn my children. Woe to those who say peace and safety. Babylon,the King of the North and the Kings of the East are planning your destruction. Stay alert. Many are deceived. There will be no peace or safety. Continue to prepare for war. It is written that Babylon will be destroyed in one hour. Sudden destruction. My words are TRUTH. False prophets will prophesy peace. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing they speak lies. I have not sent them. Judgement is upon you. My ways do not change. I have seen you naked and seen your abominations. Babylon ,your hands are stained red from the blood of the innocents. Millions of babes in the womb have been slaughtered. My children. You have not repented. I AM the GOD of justice. I have been mocked by your nation and your people. The warnings of my Messengers and prophets have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes. I will shake the land and allow your enemies to attack when you are vulnerable. I WILL NOT BE MOCKED. I AM THE LORD MIGHTY IN BATTLE.

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  1. Angel Rosas

    Thank you for sharing. Please continue. Please do more of The Lord’s work.

  2. Daniel Noah

    The ‘Sons of Korah’, take on many shapes…the present day majority of demonrats are rabid in their defense of aborting all inconvenient timeline children…which is why ‘they must stop Trump from being re-elected to a second term. Ruth Bader Ginsberg is circling the drain as we speak. Ginsberg will soon find out, that nothing else matters vis a` vis abortion vs. any or all other decisions which she pontificated on…nothing else matters if one is for murder! And yes, some Republirats are for abortion, as well. However, the majority of republican senators 98%, are pro-life, with only two demon republican senators for the murder of the unborn. If one is a demoncrat, he/she owns the platform of their party…a platform of ‘abortion upon demand’. Can one expect to enter The Gates of Heaven, with an accompanying conviction in their heart, to murder the innocent ? Absolutely not! Hitler kissed babies…wheat and tares are also in the republican party. But one cannot claim to be a Christian, and yet, be for murder of the children, which, leaves only a last breath repudiation of one’s life-long arm-link with fellow murderers, to acquire heaven. Psalm 139:13-15…’your eyes saw my unformed body(a blob of flesh)…

  3. Ruti46

    Daniel Noah, You are 100% correct in your comments! Many of these “prophets” lump everyone together and say that the Wrath of God is coming upon us all. I do realize that the rain falls upon the just and the unjust and that we all will have troubles and trials on this earth but Yeshua is with those that believe and trust in Him and He promises to be with us to the end. I trust no prophet except those found in the Torah, Ketuvim and Neviim and Brit HaDaSha! These are tried and true and I encourage ALL believers to study your Bible like your life depends upon it because it truly does! Shalom Achi!

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