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Woe to the USA – Paul

Woe to the USA

November 13, 2020 11:19 AM


Woe to you America, for your pride has reached up to heaven. You say in your hearts “we will not be destroyed, we are the best and strongest nation in the earth.” But I say to you, your destruction is coming swiftly, you will not be able to stop it. You will pray and ask me to this country but I will not hear it. You seek a man to save you and think that you will be delivered with wicked rulers yet your heart is indeed far from me. You take pleasure in the things of this world and have no remorse for the perversion and wickedness in your midst.

You go to your buildings made by man thinking I am dwelling there yet I said that now your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You increase your materials, you rob people for your own gain and yet say “look it is the Lords work being done.” You make your own kingdoms with stumbling blocks in your congregations and push away the ones that are truly seeking the truth. You turn away the prophets I send and say, do not listen to them because we do not know them or where they come from. Just as Israel in times past would reject my prophets I sent so do you. But you say look here and listen to this one here because we know him and he speaks great and encouraging things.

Yet not many days from now when calamity strikes you will not find them and indeed you will seek a word from a prophet but you will still look the wrong direction. The false prophets and ministers of the flesh prophesying lies are about to be brought down from their high places. Who will give you a smooth word then? You reject my commandments, you reject my prophets and you reject Me. Yet here I am and who will stop my judgement? For I judge with a righteous judgement.

This nation will be cut down and your enemies will plunder this land. The birds are circling over you even now ready to devour all flesh. Repent, turn away from wickedness and spiritual adultery and the idolatry in your hearts. Return to your first love and trust in me and me alone with all your heart and I will protect you as I protected a remnant in Israel by marking their heads that were contrite and remorseful for the wickedness in the land. There is no escape from what is coming, your only safety will be in Me and none other. Abide in the shadow of my wings and I will protect you.

Do not say in your heart, we will not be defeated we will pick up arms and fight! For I have already declared those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Will you be found fighting against me even in judgement? No one can save you, only I the King of Kings and Lord of Lords can save you. My Kingdom is not of this world and I am coming to rule and crush the kingdoms of this world but you America are the most wicked of them all. Full of abominations, adultery, pride, every perversion possible even within the congregation.

Repent now, turn from the kingdom of this world, turn from building your own kingdom, turn from trusting the wicked rulers of your land for I see what they do in secret and have had my remnant and prophets yelling it from the rooftops to a stubborn and stiff-necked people. Repent now before it is too late, the day is at hand, yet my remnant, my prophets, my people know my voice and will follow me wherever I lead them.

(Psalms 91)
(Matthew 26:52)
(Ezekiel 9:6)

Word delivered by Paul


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