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WOE to the unrepentant victimizers!!! – Mike M.

WOE to the unrepentant victimizers!!!

August 15, 2019
Mike M.

Woe to the sowers of discord!

Woe to those that lead others astray!

Woe to the victimizers with no conscience! What you have done to these little ones, you have done to me! It would be better for him to have a millstone tied around his neck than to cause one of these little ones to stumble! I remember and I will repay! To the unrepentant: A warning!

I can even forgive your trespasses against these helpless ones! If that you were repentant! But you are not!! You answer stiff-necked and proud in your pride. “For surely who can stop us?”, you say to yourselves, “We are above the law!”. you say among those of your rotten households! But the Lord God is here to tell you, “I AM the law!!! I AM that I AM and there is NONE above ME!!!”

Those who take part in killing the unborn, I, the Lord, will dash YOU upon rocks lest you repent! How do you partake of the murder of the human being creations I gift to you!?? And you do this with EASE! NO after-thought! No remorse! No conscience! Lest you repent I will do to you the same! And I will have no conscience of YOU!! The same to you as you ignore the homeless as if invisible! You ignore ME! And for my ones in prison, you find them distasteful and not worth your time! So I am not worth your time? To the homeless, he or she does not exist!? Yes, I take care of the sparrow, but I gave you a job to do and to love with my hands and feet, to provide needs! To treat these poor wanderers the way YOU would want to be treated! And some of you will find this out and have no doubt in my scales of justice.

For the wages of sin is death! Thou shalt not murder!! These precious ones that I have knit together in their Mother’s womb-they belong to ME!! NOT YOU!! My anger is kindled against such as these. My spirit will not always strive with man! Yes, I am slow to anger because of my mercy, yet I DO anger and I DO repay!! I will hold YOU accountable for all the blood spilled! The EARTH is crying out!! No longer does it constrain this grievous chorus!!! It has reached my ears and grieved my heart so that I can NO LONGER BE SILENT!!! I will raise against you the judgment you have earned in your lawlessness! And to the states of America and other places around the world that are taking up my cause, I tell you I will remember you in my mercy when the judgment falls.

I will not FORCE myself on anyone or take away your ability to choose. For I am a gentleman of gentlemen. I desire obedience, not sacrifice. I long that you obey me from a pure and just heart’s cause. All that I am is love. You will find me if you follow love. And in that I warn, I am also the perfect, SWIFT, and JUST judge!!! I will come SWIFTLY and repay!! I will show you who mock me!! REPENT!! For the Kingdom of heaven is at hand! The Kingdom can live within YOU as the tabernacle! I AM my Kingdom! In my fullness! I am willing to live within YOU! This is an invitation!! I made you in my image to inherit the Kingdom!! I have ALL power. To those of you who live in their stolen authority, I remind you that I will reclaim, and with it possibly your very soul to an eternity of hell and suffering, separation from me that YOU chose!! So choose you this day whom you will serve!! I can abide in you and give you the power to choose life! Turn from your sins! GO-and SIN no more!! I am willing to relent a portion of what is written for you in my holy book. Even in this, ask me to show you my heart, how it FEELS when you murder my precious ones, or kill with hate, avoidance, neglect!!! How do I feel when you take advantage of the tender-hearted children through your callous and self-serving LUSTS!?? I will come unto you and break your heart as you have broken mine lest you change your ways. Give me a chance, so that I may pass over your dwelling the angel of death that comes. Will you write the blood of my love and covenant upon YOUR heart and doorpost today? Will you let me in? I long to dwell there! I came for sinners-NOT to condemn them, but to SAVE them! Turn your will and your life over to me! I will change your desires so that you may choose to change your ways. I have my part and you have your part. It does not please me that the angel of death hangs, looming, ready to destroy as ordered, as written in my perfect judgments which must come. Oh, the sadness of my heart for what I must follow through and do. For I cannot abide unrepentant, violent hearts full of evil pleasures. Beneath my judgment is justice at heart! A pure heart of a just cause! The age of grace is slowly closing. It’s end will come! I implore you to enter in while there is still time. For no man knows what a day may bring forth: your life may be required of you this very day or night! There is a time coming when decisions are final! Choose you this day with whom you will serve-the temporary lawless one who will rise and his glory quickly fade, or me, the eternal one who was and is and will always be!! I hold all of the universes in my hands like marbles at play, yet I am mindful of you.

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