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WOE to…

September 22, 2020

444 Note: I received this in the PO Box Mail yesterday Sept 25, 2020. I typed it up exactly as it was written.

 Hi Jonathan,
I was recently reading dreams words from my past journals. I came acroas the enclosed and read it to my husband, yesterday. Today, I felt led to to send it to you. I received it shortly after I was baptized in the Holy Spirit. I changed a few words and added a few, but I typed it pretty much as I recieved it (in 2007)

Received: Thursday, September 6, 2007


I AM pleading with people
I AM stirring hearts
I AM shaking things

TODAY is the day of SALVATION!

WOE to the stiff-necked and proud.
WOE to the smug and arrogant,for they shall see God as Judge.
WOE to the skeptics and mockers, for I will not be mocked.
WOE to those who deceive and lead My flock astray.
WOE to the money changers where my people worship Me.
WOE to those who practice witchcraft and manipulate others for their selfish gain.
WOE to those who trample My Grace.
WOE to those who think they have all the answers, but never read My Word.
WOE to those who store up riches for themselves and want more and more, and never give to the poor. WOE WOE WOE WOE to those who push drugs and alcohol on others and children.
WOE to those who take life and destroy life in the womb.
WOE to those in the media who care more for gold than truth.
WOE to the smut-makers and filth-conceivers who display it on big screens for people to watch.
WOE to the witches, warlocks, satanists that devise and send curses upon people, especially My people.
WOE WOE WOE WOE to the liberal professors, teachers, that ignore My creation and teach lies as facts to students.
WOE to the power/money-hungry politicians what have no desire to govern the way I intended.
WOE to those who laugh at My children and call them stupid and dumb.
WOE to those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit and laugh as they watch on their electronic
WOE to those who ignore My commandments.
WOE to all idolators, for I said, You shall have no other gods before Me.
WOE to the fornicators and adulterers
WOE to those who sexually abuse children and beat women.
WOE to fathers who don’t support their children, and those that love their work and money more than being there for them.
WOE to the pleasure-seekers who don’t give me a thought.
WOE to those who charge steep prices for My Kingdom work, for they shall lose their power
and their money-based kingdoms.
WOE to the abortionists who take life for money.
WOE to those who say homosexuality etc. is a birth condition and not a sin condition.
WOE to those who lure children into this evil destructive lifestyle.
WOE to those who teach lies and remove truth from textbooks and don’t give historical facts
WOE to those who hate My people, the Jews.
WOE to those who push pornography and engage in viewing it.


My hand of judgment is coming on America who has polluted so many. America, who has had SO MUCH Light and blessings, but has trampled My Grace and blessings for evil gain. In a moment, suddently, life wil not be the same.

Behold! Judgment cometh soon!

Prepare My people, come to Me, spend time with Me. Stop, listen and obey, so you’ll be protected in the fateful day, Of darkness and gloom, when many shall see the tomb.
Draw close to ME. Enter, stay on the path of the narrow gate, for the hour is very late.

Jeshua, who loves you with an everlasting love.


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