Woe To Me, Because I Have Remained Silent! – Only a Grain of Sand


Two Part Message:

A. “Woe To Me, Because I Have Remained Silent!”
B. “The Blood Of Aborted Babies”
June 17, 2020
Only A Grain Of Sand

A. “Woe To Me, Because I Have Remained Silent!”
I was afraid, I kept my mouth shut and saved my hide. At least, I’m honest…
Its really not my business! I don’t know them well enough to speak of God!
Who am I to tell the lost they need to repent Now! Before its too late!
Live and let live! Ease-Up! Just don’t pay any attention to their sinful ways!
They can do what they want, I don’t care. Anyway people refuse to listen…
I was going to say something but the opportunity passed.
I didn’t know what to say? Its OK, I’ll witness to them later!
It doesn’t matter what I say to them, their reaction is always negative.
Why should I stick out my neck for strangers? Pause, I’ll think about it later?
They are not my friends or family? I smelled aggression, God understands!
Come on, I can’t save the whole world! I have to think of my family, etc. etc.
I was considering my options, others were listening to what was said.
There is still lots of time, I am waiting for a better chance to speak to them!
WRONG WRONG WRONG Woe To Me, Because I Have Remained Silent!

Isaiah Chapter 62 Verse 6
“Upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, I have appointed watchmen all the day, and all the night, they shall never hold their peace. You that are mindful of the Lord, hold not you peace.”

B. “The Blood Of Aborted Babies”
“The Blood of aborted babies is thick and sticky, and lies heavily upon your lands.” (Note: I was aware this is referring to USA & Canada)

1. Isaiah Chapter 26 Verse 21
“For behold the Lord will come out of his place, to visit the iniquity of the inhabitants of the earth against him: and the earth shall disclose her blood, and shall cover her slain no more.”
2. Isaiah Chapter 33 Verse 1 Partial
“Woe to thee that spoilest, shall not thou thyself also be spoiled? …”
3. Isaiah Chapter 45 Verse 9 & 10
“Woe to him that gainsayeth his maker, a sherd of the earthen pots: shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it: What art thou making, and thy work is without hands?” 10 “Woe to him that saith to his father: Why begettest thou? And to the woman: Why does thou bring forth?”
4. Isaiah Chapter 58 Verse 1
“Cry, cease not lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their wicked doings, and the house of jacob their sins.”

Note: I have stuggled with the first message and stalled delivering it. The same with Abortion I have done little over the course of my life although I have always known it is murder. I am not immune to the knowledge of my own guilt in my stubborn silence. I repent Lord, have mercy on me a sinner!

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