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Woe be into America – Krystal Beall

July 4, 2019
Krystal Beall

How grieved and displeased I AM with many. He who has an ear let him hear. Woe be into the inhabitants of the earth. Woe I say. So far removed is my last generation from me. You are far. You have strayed. Many are on the broad path and shall be met with destruction in full. Many have allowed the enemy to deceive you. Caught up in the world wide web craftily spun by Satan. Man has lost reverence and fear of me. Sin has become so rampant in the earth…and has become the ” common and acceptable way of life for many. Acceptable to whom? Certainly not to me. I the LORD do not change. I AM the same yesterday, today and forever. Be ye Holy…for I AM Holy without holiness no man shall see me. I weep in and over America today. I weep in and over America everyday. A nation whom has rejected me, pierced my heart with unceasing remorse. The nation of America will suffer a great loss. A great loss in their own eyes. They ( America) have already suffered the greatest loss yet are unmoved. You will be moved America. You will be. The death of a well known man in your nation will cause an national outcry and unpresidented panic for many. It is at this time that a familiar face will be seen on stage and welcomed by the vast majority. I will allow this to be so. It is so. America wanted no parts of me as I truly am and I will show a nation the dire consequences of rejecting GOD. How I loved you. Embracing you as my own. Made my dwelling in your midst. I opened my door, my heart…my life to you yet many refused me. I watch still today as you fall further and further away from me and deeper into the miry pit. I call…I call still. How I AM ignored and drowned out by the babble of man. Silence shall fill the land. I have heard more than enough. Repent or perish. How I have desired you for so long. I cry today….I thirst. I thirst. How I still receive gall. To all who love me..I know you are weary and worn. Many are heavy of heart feeling I have forsaken and abandoned them. Beloveds I have not nor will I ever. I have heard your prayers. I have answered. I have collected your tears in my bottle. I have healed and restored you. Faith my loves…not sight. In the twinkling of an eye it all changes. Again I say woe be into the nation called America. You will burn from within and without. You are dead and your burial is at hand. Cover your selves in ash. Lament for the horrors you have committed against me. Repent. Humble yourself now. Many lamp stands have been removed. Many more are to follow. Your sin wounds me beyond measure. Your sin causes me to weep and bleed and has drawn my sword against you. I love man but I have had my fill…my cup is overturned…poured out. Drink ye defiant generation to the dregs. Weeping…wailing and gnashing of teeth. My correction and recompense shall be most severe. Beauty comes from the ash. This generation has rejected me. I mean just that. I have been rejected. Behold I come quickly. Look up. Rise up. Walk. Live.

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