Without Excuse – in that Day – Cheryl Adama

Without Excuse – in that Day – Cheryl Adama

JUNE 25, 2018

Will there be a person who is willing to take one step towards Me? For in that one step I release all heaven upon this one – so they would desire to take the next step to bring them yet closer to Me. With each step one takes toward Me I supply them amply with what they need to take the next and then the next one after that and so forth. For all who draw close to Me, I draw near to them. This is where the soul is battled for, for as I pour out over them so they might take it to in to themselves in what I give, the enemy of their souls uses all his devices to distract and remove them. They may be enticed and follow after his lies and promises but I continue to send invitation out. My voice is continually speaking out to the one who may catch it so they will turn towards Me. Realize that My voice is unlike any other. Do not reason with your carnal understanding – My voice speaks in all things and through all things – it is not confined into mere words. I can speak into every cell of your body, into every atom in creation. I can speak to whatever and whoever I choose. My voice can go into the deepest of the deep, the lowest of low and still be in the heights of heaven. I speak in all situations; crisis, joys, sorrows and pain. I speak relentlessly and to the one who takes the step toward Me, I give more – I give light so they may see the place they are in. Oh, it varies in degrees, for I know each and every one and how I must communicate with them. I never let up. Though they hear Me and move forward and then move back away I continue and do not stop. Every human being is granted My voice – that they may hear it so they will draw close to Me. They either do, or they do not. Some gladly receive Me – to take Hand in the wings of My message, though they do not yet recognize it is Me. They do know it is right and in this I honor their decision by holding them, to bring them farther from the darkness and closer to the light so that they may soon see My Son. I introduce them to My Son – and they receive Him. Life on earth for souls of man is about taking steps – toward their God. It is about one step leading to the next step – for I know every man’s heart and I listen for them – and with the glance they give My way I will swoop in to pour over them more – that they would lay hold of it and desire the next step. I draw man to Me in this way, and they draw to Me and will bring them to the door of the Kingdom of My Son where they are introduced to Him so they might receive Him and enter in. I continue, to speak so that they would continue to move toward Me – I never stop for this is the Life I give to them. The enemy of their souls looks to destroy My plans for each one and why each one must continue to move forward in Me. You see, he uses all his devices to distract and deceive all who look to Me and will hear My voice, and accomplishes much – not because he is more powerful and has some sort of strength over My work, but because it is given to him, by the ones he succeeds in. For he knows that if he can get a soul to lift their eyes off of Me, it will be easy for him to deceive them and turn their heart from Me to what he tells them. This is why there is confusion among My people, for they have within their ranks a scattered bunch – that say with their lips they love Me but their hearts are far from Me. Even in this I extend my grace and speak!

The Day coming will reveal to all how much they were sought after by Me and they will see how they discarded My invitation and how they rejected Me. All will be without excuse. Not one soul on earth has been kept from My voice, not one! The wisdom of man, thinks they see the unfairness of God – as they foolishly question Me in My own creation! I laugh at the arrogance of the earthen pot telling the Potter how they know better! They do not know the idle words they speak are held in account on the day they meet Me.

The whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one – yes, they have the propensity to follow him in the lusts of their hearts. But no one can be deaf to Me and My call- it will be heard – but they can be hardened against it – to be repelled by it to hate it. This is the judgement of rejecting the living God – they get what they desire – a black and hardened heart. I am God – and am able to break hearts! Yet, I will not go against what it is they choose for themselves. Believe Me when I say that I desire that none should parish but they have everlasting life. I will not stop – speaking out throughout the world. Looking for a heart that has caught My whisper to them – so I may pour over them more to lead them out – to My Son.

Do not give up praying for the lost, for your prayers are like fuel joining my passion in the rescue of all those who are captive in their own rebellion. My heart loves them and wants them more than all the love in man could ever love – that they may join Me in the Son of My love.

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