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Nov 20, 2019, 12:23 AM
Thalitha Kumi
I held this word back for two days to ask for confirmation. It is a long and intensive word. After two days of not being able to keep it off my thoughts, I now share it with trembling, having received confirmation.. Yashua bless you.

WITH THE MEASURE YOU MEASURE, you will be measured.

Do you believe Me?
Do you understand?

This is MY PRINCIPLE and you need to take notice.

Don’t you see that LOVE came in ME to earth, to be born under the law as judgement and in order TRIUMPH over it?

Why do you prefer to keep Me under the law, while I TRIUMPHED over it? You are bearing false witness of ME !

Who was first – Moses or I?
Who is last – Moses or I?
I AM the first and the last, the alpha and the omega.

Can you see that Moses was just and intermediary phase in My development plan?
The law was given to Israel BECAUSE OF THEIR SINS.

Did I not come to DIE exactly for that sins?
Yet you eagerly want to keep the old MEASURE alive and also apply it to your brother.
Oh My children! You are VOLUNTARILY UNDER BONDAGE! I want you to understand that I came to put you on a higher spiritual level, higher than a physical law.

Have I ever said the law of Moses is freedom?
Is Moses not your ACCUSER?

By obeying Moses, you put ANOTHER GOD before Me – what I warned against!

I gave MY COMMANDMENTS through Moses on Sinai.
I gave MY COMMANDMENTS MYSELF at the mountain outside Sychar.

You choose who you prefer.

Moses gave many instructons with the clause ‘forever’. Will flesh last forever? How do you think Moses intended these instructions to be applied in the flesh, while the flesh does not last ‘forever’?

WAKE UP, MY PEOPLE – Moses gave instructions for the heart and spirit of man.

To keep the law in the flesh, is dead religion.
To keep My law in the soul, spirit and heart, will benefit you FOREVER.

AM I not the God who test HEART and REINS, since times of old? Study My word! Yet you expect of Me to heed your diligent keeping of literal, physical dates, feasts, customs, days?
AM I to grant you eternal life on physical, material performances, which does not purify your soul in any way at all?

Flesh and blood can not obtain the Kingdom of heaven!

I tell you, your only physical actions should be LOVING ACTIVITY towards Me and your neighbour! This is MY NEW COMMANDMENT!

Your measure should be MY LOVE! If you mete out MY LOVE towards your neighbour, you will receive the same measure from Me.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

All the forefathers – yes, even Moses – eagerly awaited ME in the spirit-realm to open up the gates of heaven for them while I was in the grave, that they may INHERIT CHILDHOOD IN MY HEAVENS. How are you going to enter childhood, if you remain under a measure (Moses), that was designed for the time of slavery and sin? Is the light of your soul then to be put on a table and under a MEASURE?

You are KEEPING YOURSELVES SLAVES! I want FREE CHILDREN, not obedient slaves. My commandments are spiritually-eternal, and guide you TO ME. Choose whether you prefer to serve, or to love. Deeds done out of pure love, is no service, it is free gifts of love.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

I told you that YOU are My temple. I live in your holiest of holies. No physical temple will ever replace you. No sacrifice will ever replace your sacrifices of worldly, fleshly things on the altar of your love for Me, on the altar of your hearts. No festival can replace the stages of your spiritual development, until the moment that you and I become one in marriage.

I never taught anything about keeping the literal feasts. I did attend feasts because I was born under the law, to fulfill it and then enabled My children through My death and resurrection to move on to the next, higher phase of existence in greater spiritual development.

AM I against you? Is there any CURSE in My commandments? NO! I tell you, I DO NEITHER CURSE, NOR JUDGE! Moses cursed and judged a crude slave-people. I lovingly guide and teach My FREE CHILDREN with My Spirit WITHIN THEIR SPIRITS.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

My children, how are you ever going to become ADULTS if you REFUSE TO LEAVE SCHOOL? Was the law not the SCHOOLMASTER UNTO ME, CHRIST?
MY SPIRIT is your graduation certificate, BELIEVE ME! Would MY SPIRIT guide you BACK TO THE SCHOOL FOR SLAVES?

You should have already begun WORKING, getting ACTIVE in your spirit and soul out of Me, EARNING your wages of FRUIT AND MATURITY, but some of you believe you should still sit in Moses’ old school-benches, the others believe that they’ve graduated, but should not do anything, fearing that it would negate My blood. Did I not ask you to DO AS I DID? I loved, set free, helped.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

DAVID REJOICED in MY COMMANDMENTS, praising it highly. Where can you find that he EVER kept a physical law? Yet, he was a man after MY HEART, because He LISTENED, REPENTED AND LOVED.
Abraham and Enoch was MY FRIENDS BEFORE THE LAW.

ENOCH WAS TRANSFORMED without Moses’ law, he was My friend.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

You have free will. If you expect of Me to measure you according to the old slavish law of sin, that is what you are going to get. According to your faith. But then you can not accuse Me of injustice.

With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

I want you to be free.
I want you to be one in Spirit with Me.
With the measure you measure, you will be measured.

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