8/16/19 at 9:36 PM

Here’s a dream I had a few years back

Early this morning 4-21-16 I dreamt that I was standing near a forest or dark wooded area.  I was outside the forest in the light when I began to hear a chanting sound.  I knew immediately it was a satanic coven by the sound of it.  I kept peering into the dark woods when I began to see people appearing in various places all dressed in black, and I knew these were people involved in satanic worship.  I felt this fierce boldness rise up in me and I was almost screaming “The blood of Jesus defeats you!” over and over again I kept yelling that at the devil worshippers very loudly and feeling some anger along with it.   They would just glance over at me then children from their group started to approach me.  It appeared the group was going somewhere but none of the adults approached me.  A few of the older children tried to wrestle with me but they weren’t strong enough to overpower me though they tried.  I started to turn to go when I suddenly saw that I was in a dark room of sorts and the children were standing near a door that was the way out, and they shut the door on me trying to trap me in the room.  I wrestled with them to get the door open, but I also had a blanket with me that I owned, and I knew I could not leave a personal item behind for them to take so I grabbed the blanket to take with me.  I succeeded in getting out the door, and not far off were some houses owned by Christian people that I went to.  It seemed I knew these people.  I went into one of the houses and saw a couple from the satanic coven sitting at the table with Christians, and they were being ministered to.  I saw tears rolling down the cheeks of the woman, and I knew this couple wanted out of the coven
which is why they were there trying to get help.  They were served a meal too.  I went back outside and saw some of the others from the satanic coven coming up to the houses.   I sensed they wanted help too. There was a young man in the coven I went up to and I put my hands on his shoulders, looked him in the eyes and told him that God loved him very much. At first he had a sad look on his face like he wanted help and was hurting inside then an angry look came over his face, and he started to get very angry.  I sensed he had a lot of hurt.  I kept talking to him and telling him that God wanted to help him, that He had
plans for his life, and the man seemed to be open to hear the truth at that point.

End of dream.


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