Dream, Earthquake, Tsunami

Wiped From The Map – Cimone Harris

Wiped From The Map

Jul 9, 2019, 1:04 AM
Cimone Harris
Dream: November 2, 2015:

I was at a diner in California. A small group of people were there as well. I could feel the building shift, it was an earthquake and it was picking up in strength. I kept reminding everyone in the diner to stay calm and to get under the tables.

The scene changed to me swimming in between two women and helping them into their little boats, it appeared that we were at a beach or water park. All of a sudden I heard screaming, I looked over to my left a saw a massive wave coming towards us, it had to be at least 300 Ft high. Everyone was in a panic as they ran and screamed.

When the wave hit the beach I immediately shot up in the air, and I repeated these words over and over “Thank you Jesus!” as I was flying. I looked down and saw the whole state of California submerged underwater.


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