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Winds of Change and the Rising Bride

Nov 3, 2019
Jesus LoverOfMySoul


The winds of change are coming. They are blowing in turmoil. Be ready to receive My blessing. The arrows shoot forth as the stars fall from the sky. Change is coming. My body is about to rise. My children are being position to receive My glory. Each child placed where they will be best used. Many of My children are not ready. Therefore they must sit on the sidelines. I cannot use those who are not obedient to My word. Only those who render themselves fully will be used.

The number is small. She makes up My bride and she will go forth in Me conquering and being conquered before her infinite return home to Me. There is much I will require of her. But I have made her ready and equipped her with all that I will ask of her. She will be victorious and she will come to rule and reign with Me. Her training is almost complete and soon like an arrow she will come to Me and begin her walk by My side fulfilling her calling and purpose. She will render evil for evil as she judges the masses. She will seek out those who belong to Me and minister to their hearts. A splendor sight she will be as she moves across the earth and sky. I have called her and she has answered Me. She has been chosen to serve Me and My Father. Narrow is the way and few find it.

Those who have already found it are among My chosen. The path of redemption is paved with good intentions but those intentions are not what will win souls. It is the love of My people that will draw My people. That love is what will bridge the gap between life and death. The cloak of righteousness resides in My people. It was given to them before the foundation of the earth. Only now are they ready to carry out the assignments given to them long ago. They will not fail for GREAT is the One who leads them!Their glory is beyond anything known to this world and their majesty comes from within. Nothing compares to My chosen ones and nothing can take the place of what they are called to do. Each will execute My authority and return lost sheep to Me. Where they will be branded and marked by My Fathers Name! I WILL NOT lose one! They are targeted and I know who are mine. No more will they run from their true identity when they encounter the One who created them. I know those who are Mine and I will retrieve them. They will be with Me in paradise on this day.
Your Lord and Savior Yahushua

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