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Will you be prepared? – Charlie Lopez

Will you be prepared?

October 19, 2020 10:02 PM
Charlie Lopez

Prophetic Message 10/19/2020 @ 12pm

From Our Lord God Jesus Christ-

“For you have seen the events unfolding before you… For you have seen the times like no other… For you have seen the wickedness that is running it’s power over this world, your world; your current home.

Have you not seen the signs of my soon arrival? Have you prepared your hearts to be able to withstand my presence? If you feel you haven’t prepared, seek Me to help you. Ask me to show you what you need to do. I will guide you and help you. It is paramount that you seek me NOW! For you may feel alone, but you are anything but. But soon, you may find yourself to be. Abide by me and my love, for if not, my love shall be taken away from you.

The more Satan knows his time is short, the more hate and evil shall spew forth from him. The more you shall see this come to pass like no other in the coming days. So, prepare your hearts now. Prepare for your everlasting life with me. Come to me and I shall help you. I have always been here for you. Acknowledge me, and I shall acknowledge you before my Father in heaven and His Angels. Ignore me and deny me, and I shall do the same to you. I wish no one to parish. This is my Father’s timetable. You ask yourself why now? Well, at some point those whom have faithfully obeyed and not denied my name, need to come home and be rewarded for their patience endurance over the ages. For my Father and I love justice!

But there are those of you whom have chosen the ways of this world and self above all else. You shall see the future that you have made for yourself as I will withdrawal myself where I am not wanted nor thought to be needed. Than you shall see that I, your Lord God, have always been there to love and provide for you.

You all have free will and choices to make. If you choose to go the way of self and the world, let it be so. If you choose to come back to me and repent and seek my help and guidance, you shall find me in abundance. I love you all. This is painful for a Creator to see His creations; His children scatter like scared cattle. Seek me while I still may be found. Seek me and turn to me for the time is short and only growing shorter.

You will know the moment I shall remove myself from your life entirely as I will hand you completely over to the world, therefore Satan, and you shall be his to employ. I love each of you, I never have nor will I ever force someone to worship me and accept what I have to offer. This prophetic message speaks more to the lukewarm out there. The lukewarm whom think they are in my fold, but are truly not. I want you to evaluate your hearts and lifestyle and relationship to me. I want you to see where you might be on that dreadful day of the Lord.

Will you be prepared?

Those who have received the extra oil, those whom have repented and kept their garments washed white in my blood and have done the will of my Father in faithful obedience, shall be saved. If you are unsure, ask me. Seek me and I shall help you. Not much time is left to do so, so do so now while I still may be found.

Do not forget, you should fear not the one whom can kill the body, but the one whom shall kill both body and soul.

Although this word is a tough one to take in. Tough love is required for my lukewarm sheep. Especially now. If you choose to stay lukewarm and feel you have nothing to improve upon and repent of, than you are riding the fence. Who do you think put up that dividing fence to begin with? That’s right, Satan did. He’s the owner of that fence and therefore, you shall belong to him.

The time is short, much shorter than you previously knew. For I shall claim victory soon and shall take my children and Bride home to be with me forevermore in the paradise that I and my Father have promised to you. That I say, that I shall do. With everlasting life you shall have with me when you obey my commandments and love me. My commandments are not burdensome, neither am I. For my yoke is light and I am lowly at heart. I shall be as a feather but have the strength of a lion.

Seek forgiveness and repent and ask for my help now when it still may be found. Tomorrow may be too late, you won’t know till you know it’s past the hour. All hope shall fade from you. All hope shall fade from the world as my light shall be removed before I come. Don’t be too prideful and hard of heart. If you love the world and self more, then go be with your true worldly family. For you won’t belong to me…”

Thus declares your Lord God, the Everlasting God, Jesus Christ, your Savior whom loves you…


Revelation 3:15-16

John 15:10

1John 2:28

1John 5:3



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