Why the ads

I’ve gotten emails and messages asking about the ads.

No I haven’t been hacked.

I apologize I’m new to Google ads. I’m still trying to figure out how to limit the number of them.

Monthly donations are far and few between.
I work on this site every single day off and on all hours of day and night. I don’t have a team of people working on this site its just me.

If I dont have the ads I’ll have to get another part time job working somewhere and the amount of time and energy I put into creating graphics and reading and posting email submissions will drop significantly.

My wife’s income pays the bills and she could lose her job any time very soon.

Please be patient with me on the ads. As they help supplement the lack of donations.

If I wasn’t struggling financially the ads wouldn’t be on there at all, but unfortunately it is a necessary evil right now. Until further notice.

If you are lead do donate Paypal is one option.

Patron is way for regular monthly giving.
You choose the amount and can cancel at any time

If you are uncomfortable with those options.  You can send a check payable to

Jonathan Theiben
Cisco, TX 76437

Thank you all, for your love and support.

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