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Why Should I Repent from Taking the C-Shots? – Jeff Howey

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Why Should I Repent from Taking the C-Shots?

June 3, 2024 10:57 AM
Jeff Howey

1)     S.I.T – Satanic Information Technology is in the shots

2)     Payloads with deadly viruses are in the shots (Marburg, Ebola, and more)

3)     Documented widespread damage to heart, lungs, brain, and reproductive organs,  system and more

4)     Trusting in man, fearing man and not trusting God and fearing God (safe & effective)

5)     Clots being formed to do two things:

  1. Kill you  (70% of those dying now have these clots throughout their bodies, according to embalmers around the world)
  2. Mame you, control your mind, and make your body into an antenna

6)     You are trackable and traceable worldwide and some even have Mac Addresses and give off a Bluetooth signal  — Cesium 137 and Luciferase

7)     A kill shot is in your body that can be activated at any time via 5G, Wifi, Cellphones

8)     Worldwide deaths and injuries currently sit at approx.. 17 Million Deaths, and 585 Million injured after taking the shots

9)     It’s changing your God given DNA, adding a triple helix instead of a double helix. Artificial red blood cells are now coursing through your bodies

10)                        Snake Venom is being produced by your body, making many sick constantly

11)                        Self Aware, Self Assembling nano technology and quantum dot technology is in your body, and it’s growing exponentially and robbing your body of energy and nutrients, as well as killing your God given red blood cells each day (it’s cannibalizing your body to grow itself)

There’s more, but if that list doesn’t suffice as posing as a significant threat to you. The last is that what is in you, since you took the shots is now spreading to others through breath, skin, touch and more.. most unvaxxed people have the same technology in them now also.


How do you repent? You confess to the Lord God of heaven and earth, who made you, that you trusted someone else other than Him with your health and body. You confess that you defiled His Temple of His Holy Spirit with evil and wicked technology that cannot be fully eradicated and that your DNA has been changed irreparably. Cry out to Him, Maker of all and Keeper of the stars to cleanse you and save you from this egregious error that is now harming others also because of your actions, unknown to you until now. Ask Him to wash you in the blood of Jesus Christ and to cleanse you entirely. Seek Him for what else He requires you to do if anything….

I was asked by someone how they can direct someone to repent. This is what I wrote:

As many or most of us have family and friends that have taken the injections for any and all reasons, repentance before God is simple 

1) Acknowledge to the Lord they have not trusted Him through the trial but turned to man made solutions.

2) Understand and acknowledge to Him that they didn’t know the harmful ingredients and technology were in the shots.

3) Ask Him to wash them in the blood of Jesus Christ and purge them of the harmful substances in the shot.

5) Ask Him if He’s willing to correct their DNA back… He is able, but that’s up to Him.

6) Entrust their lives and futures to Him and seek Him daily and diligently for any and all decisions (the actual change in attitude, faith and direction) Proverbs 3:5-6.

7) Take communion as an outward expression of the heart turning back to the Lord… And receive God’s forgiveness and cleansing by faith. If no peace, then keep repenting and seeking Him until you get that release…

One thing that the Lord has said to me and others... He is not guaranteeing their future without problems or consequences from taking the shots.. (note King Davis still lost his own first son after he repented in sincerity)… It’s up to Him and Him alone what He will or won’t do.

But the key to all this is acknowledgement that they’ve erred and trusted in man instead of Him and feared man instead of fearing the Lord…

After all this, they will still need to seek out solutions to the tech in them… As will all of us whether we’ve taken the shots or not..

This is another area that’s as difficult for those who haven’t taken any of these shots… We thought we were OK.. It turns out it has been transferred or shed to nearly all of us… And we will have to take Cleansing measures and continue to… Because they are poisoning our food, water and air daily…

If you may not realize this being true.. There’s more I can send you, and I’ve come to admit this personally in the last week in my own body…there’s two ways to confirm this that I know of.. 

1) have someone take 30cc of your blood and let it sit in a test tube for 3 to 5 hours and see if a giant clot forms… more than likely it will clot.

2) take a hot bath with Epsom salts and after the bath in a dark room (you can still be in the bath while shining a black light on your body… You will see fluorescent colors on your skin.. Some longer (millimeters), some just little colored dots on the top of your skin (yellow and purple and maybe red) . This is nanotech and quantum dot technology.

It is all synthetic bio-pathogens that are harming the body, unknowingly to us.

I will be compiling a list of resources/solutions to cleanse the body of the nanotech and posting it soon. 

What they are putting in us is from the pit of hell! Dr Monzo @ SLC Redpill Expo 2022


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