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April 12, 2023 2:35 PM
Abby K

Message given on 11/03/23 at 12:17pm

John 15:5: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

As I came before the Lord in prayer today, I had such a hard time connecting. The usual unction of the Holy Spirit was not there to help me. I tried to envision God in every way but nothing. So I started to pray in the Holy Ghost in hopes that I will find the frequency of God and go in, but nothing. You know how difficult it is to pray without the help of the Holy Spirit, your prayer comes from the flesh and not the spirit. But I prayed anyway because I also knew it’s not about how I feel or don’t feel. So once I was done, I sat before the Lord and waited upon Him, in case He wanted to speak, and He did.

Daughter, the way you felt disconnected from Me like you are so far from Me, is how many of My children are at this point. They are not far from Me because I made it that way, like I have made you experience, but they are far from Me literally! They don’t come to Me in the secret place, they are not praying neither are they in My word. So they are far from Me. I have not moved, they just stopped coming to Me. Spiritually, we are disconnected, there’s no fellowship or communion with each other. Waiting for Sunday to go for service or watching faith preachers does not cut it. There is never going to be a substitute for our time together, for I am a personal God and I want to spend time with each of My children individually.

There is no other way I will fill you other than our time together in the secret. You need to be getting to know me more and more so that you are abiding in Me all through. You cannot love the one you don’t spend time with and this is how in these last times, the love of many will grow cold. I am LOVE and you cannot love Me or others, apart from Me. The times coming upon this world will try My children in every way and if you are not rooted in Me then you will fall. This I assure you My children, you will fall apart from Me. You must be connected to Me, the vine so that you draw from Me all you need. And in these perilous times, I am giving My children much more for the journey that lays ahead, so that when you thirst, not only will you draw from the wells within you, but you will also refresh others with it.

You have allowed the cares of this world to drift you away from your first love. Many are here and there with the cares of life when they should be looking to Me instead, their All in All. All you need is in Me and with Me.

Neglecting your soul to feed your flesh is a grievous mistake that will cost you even your life. Your flesh counts for nothing, so don’t follow in its desires, for in so doing, you are neglecting your spirit. I connect with you in your spirit, not your flesh. When you are full of Me in your spirit and walking in step with My Spirit, you will not be bothered with what your flesh needs, for you shall not live by bread alone but by My every word. And right now in this time, you need My word more than your bread for the flesh. Don’t you know your flesh benefits from your spirit? You will be healed, strengthened and made whole in your flesh when your spirit is full of Me. I am LIFE, and in your whole body, soul and spirit will My life in you flow.

Your flesh adds no value to the spirit. It is the temple of My Spirit and so you need to take care of it, not indulge it with your lusts and desires. The food you need right now is for your soul, your spirit man and not your flesh. And it’s because you are focused on your flesh that you have left the place of fellowship with Me and now you have drifted far away. The further and further away you drift, the deeper your lack of desire to be with Me grows until you altogether stop coming.

This is dangerous and this is the plan of the devil to get you as far away from Me as possible, that he may destroy you. He knows that without Me you are easy prey for him and this is how many of you will fall away with Me. Your faith in Me should be growing stronger and stronger. The fire in you should be burning stronger and stronger and not the other way around. If you are at a place you don’t feel this with Me, know you have drifted and you need to repent and take an about turn back towards Me. I will give you the grace for this, but you must resolve to do so.

My word says that the righteous will continue to be righteous and the wicked will continue to grow wicked. It is this time you are in. if you are not growing in My ways or desiring to be with Me then you are falling towards the group of the wicked, for there is no in between. In between are those that I will spit out. I am warning you and calling you back to the secret place to be fired up or else you will find yourself in the cold and being consumed by My fire of judgment.

I have never left you; I am still here, the One you loved and worshipped, I am still He. Now, return to Me and I will return to you, for the enemy of your souls is hot on your heels to drag you to himself. Which way will you fall? The way daughter you felt as you came to Me in prayer, so far from me and totally dry, is the way many will feel if they come back to me at the last second when all hell has already broken. It will be next to impossible to connect with Me at that point because their drifting away from Me created a huge gap, that what went into them during that time, fed their fleshly desires, becoming more worldly than spiritual.

To start to remove this weight will take time, it’s not a last minute affair neither is it a switch you put on and off. This is why I am calling you back now so that together we start removing the debris and repairing the damage caused by your separation. To run this race you must lose the weight that will slow you down and make you drift away. The race is not for the swift, but those who are walking in step with My Spirit will not be led astray and so they will finish their race well.

You cannot run this race according to your own terms and conditions, this is why you have My word and My Spirit to help you and equip you. Any other way places you on the broad way where I am not and this is why you are now so far away from Me. We are headed in different directions with no chance of meeting unless you turn back, repent and turn from your ways.
My grace and mercy will be with you to do this. I am calling you back to our fellowship for there is so much I need to do in you before time lapses, which is very soon. Come out from the world and return to Me, and I will be your Father, your God and in My arms shall you forever be safe.

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