Why do you question your Master? – LaTonya Canada-Christ

Why do you question your Master?


LaTonya Canada-Christ

LaTonya write this down:
“It is I. I move swiftly over the earth seeking the lost, one crying out for Me to save them from the cares and concerns of this life. I am eagerly searching to seek and save that which is lost. I am listening for the true cries of need and longing for the Master’s Touch. I know the difference between the cries of indifference and one reaching out for the hand of the Savior. So why am I telling you this? Because some hear My words of judgment and presume that I hate mankind, that I am ruthless, with no heart, and that somehow, I am evil and deceptive. This too is of the evil one; lies, and more lies twisting and perverting the thoughts of the mind as to who I truly am. he must use past negative experiences of suspicion and betrayal to project that onto Me, in the minds of My children. I am only good and righteous; and must be trusted as such. I in My infinite wisdom know that evil must be recompensed for the sake of righteousness and to teach many lessons. For I have said, only when My judgments are in the earth, do men learn righteousness. When will My people trust in My knowledge, My care, My wisdom, their LORD? Master as it were… Why do you question your Master, people of the earth? Who are you O’ man to consult the things of God in the folly and error of your perceptions and renderings?? You are not my God, I am yours. Though I have seated you in heavenly places with Me, you attempt to thwart My throne as did another, when you presume Me. Get out of your will and seek Mine. Become lowly of mind, put away the thought of men’s perceptions and the admiration of men’s persons. This is a snare. I am God and you were created to serve Me and My purposes, so set to work about My business, My words, My goals, My objectives, My pleasure, My will be done!! You do remember this don’t you? The true Lord’s prayer… My will be done. Get on board with this and it will be smooth sailing even when it’s not. Because I AM is at the helm and I cannot deny Myself and especially those whom I love and are MINE, I cannot deny My Word to care, provide, and protect My lambs, sheep, and ewes. If you belong to Me, then you are to trust Me with EVERYTHING. It all belongs to Me and I have a million and one ways to get whatever it is to you. SO, put your fears to rest in your Great God Yeshua Ha Maschiach, the Lover of Your Soul. Surrender your minds, thoughts, past experiences of mistrust, doubt, and unbelief. I will renew your mind as you hope and faith in Me. I am your Savior. You must believe this to endure the times ahead, not in “you, yourselves, and i” as your saying goes. Come unto Me all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and it is I, who will give you rest.”

The Captain of Your Soul

Job 38:2
Mark 4:36-41
Isa 26:9
Psalms 139:17-18
2 Chronicles 16:9
Matthew 6:9-13
Matthew 11:28-29

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